SMS campaigns are the new frontier in terms of marketing and communication strategies. With unprecedented open, response, and conversion rates, text messages have demonstrated success with customers across all demographics.

But with so many companies flocking to SMS marketing, customers are in danger of suffering from message fatigue. As businesses jostle for each user's limited attention, they run of the risk of accidentally alienating subscribers.

So how do you stand out from the competition? The answer isn't to send more texts. Instead, it's to increase the value of the texts you already send— think quality over quantity.

In case you're stumped, here are four creative and effective SMS marketing ideas.

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Ideas For SMS Marketing

There's nothing wrong with sending basic, reliable content. For example, notifications about prescription refills, upcoming appointments, and order updates may not be creative or flashy, but they're absolutely necessary.

We're not talking about getting rid of SMS texts like this. These have inherent value for customers and replacing them would be more harmful than helpful.

Instead, focus on adding more value to true marketing texts. Including a more creative spin on messages about sales, deals, upcoming events, etc. gives your SMS campaign an edge over competitors and draws in more customers.

When you combine value and creativity with reliable strategies on how to best leverage a texting messaging API, you're sure to increase your return on investment and expand your customer base.

Check out our creative text message ideas below and see if you can incorporate or tweak them to fit into your current marketing strategy.

Send Out SMS-Only Content

If you want to really add value to your SMS messages, use them to send out exclusive SMS content. Create opportunities that only your text subscribers can take advantage of, thereby providing additional incentives and benefits for customers who opt-in to your messages.

Here are some example messages that various industries could send out:

  • From ABC Restaurant: Show this text to your waiter and receive a free dessert with purchase of any entrée! Offer valid through the end of the month, text CAKE for details & exclusions.
  • From Top 100 Hits: Top 100 takes SMS subscribers backstage! Reply WOW and get an exclusive first look at New Band's debut song for the upcoming concert.
  • From Bargain Shoes: Buy 1 Get 1 Free on all shoes & boots during our Back to School Blowout. Click here for sales. Terms and conditions apply.

Easy ways to ensure only subscribers can take advantage of the opportunity is to include a specific hyperlink, add a keyword or code, or request that customers show an employee the email.

The first two options are great for online shopping, while the third is useful for those who prefer brick and mortar retail locations.

Send SMS Messages First

If you want to give your SMS campaigns an edge while still leveraging your other marketing mediums, you can schedule your messages to go out earlier. This still incentivizes customers to subscribe to your texts, but also ensures you're still connect with others users.

  • From EZ Tickets: Backstage passes now available! Click here to reserve your ticket and meet New Band in person. While supplies last, limit 2 per purchase.
  • From Wanda's Car Wash: Now through April, get a free wax with any wash. Text WASH for your e-voucher and show to wash attendant.
  • From Bob's Bees: Flash sale! Hives and foggers 30% off this weekend only, in-store and online. Input code 123 at checkout to receive additional discount.

Using this method also prevents people from being excluded from your marketing on accessibility grounds. For example, people who are visually impaired might prefer voice broadcast to texts.

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Use SMS Texts As Teasers

Another SMS text marketing idea is to use your texts as teasers of value to come. This doubles the use of every potential message and builds anticipation for your new SMS alert.

For example, instead of just sending out one text about your latest product, you can send out another text one or two weeks in advance letting customers know that you'll be rolling out this product soon.

  • From City Zoo: Mama Bear is in her maternity den and ready to give birth! Turn alerts on for updates about her condition and be the first to know when you can greet the new arrivals.
  • From Political Party: Breaking News: Political opponents John Doe & Jane Deere to debate across the country starting in May. Cities & dates TBA next week.
  • From Green Thumb Boutique: We're growing something special in honor of our 10th Anniversary! Subscribe for a sneak peek on Friday before the big unveiling.

This method is a great way to gauge interest in your products and services and see how engagement fluctuates as the rollout date comes closer. While not always viable for all industries, this can provide useful analytics that can inform other marketing mediums.

Connect SMS To Other Mediums

Connect your marketing mediums if you want to use the power of SMS to boost engagement with your other communication channels, such as emails.

Use text messages to direct people to open emails, listen to voicemails, and keep an ear out for potential calls. You can also use SMS to drive traffic to your website, mobile app, or physical location.

  • From House Realty: New listings near you! Check your email to find out which houses in your search area are on the market.
  • From Quik Resolution Debt: Are you ready to live debt-free? Call 1-800-123-4500 toll-free to learn how we can help you resolve your debt. Our finance experts on standing by.
  • From Lifestyle Fitness: Activity alert! Trainer Jenna just dropped her latest video on at-home hot yoga. Click on the activity corner in your app and prepare to hustle.

While this is an extra step that not all subscribers may be willing to take, it will give you an idea of how valuable customers consider your content. If it's worth taking the time to open an email or take a trip to your store, then you're well on your way to building a reliable, dedicated user base.

Before You Hit Send: SMS Marketing 101

If you need a refresher on how to write a solid and effective SMS campaign, we've got you covered! Here are the basic components:

  • Identify your marketing goals and structure content around them
  • Don't underestimate the power of a clear call to action (CTA)
  • Instill a sense of urgency and use it to your advantage
  • Only include information that adds value; keep it short and simple
  • Make the most of your SMS limit with branded links and short URLs
  • Schedule your messages to arrive at the most convenient time for customers
  • Always get permission from users and provide an opt-out option

For more in-depth detail, click here to learn how to write effective SMS marketing campaigns.

Making SMS Marketing Work For You

SMS marketing can boost your business no matter what size it is, what industry you're in, or what your target audience is. As one of the most flexible and effective forms of communication, SMS messaging has the potential to rapidly expand your customer base and create a stronger connection with your current subscribers.

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