In a world that's increasingly glutted with new technology and marketing message vying for customers' attention, every business has felt the strain of trying to connect and make an impact. These struggles have been compounded by COVID-19 and the disruptions it's caused for businesses and individuals alike. As it's become increasingly clear that the effects of the pandemic will be more far-reaching and long-lasting than originally expected, businesses must find new ways to communicate with customers using existing technologies and marketing methods.

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Voice broadcasting is one such technology that's reliably connected organizations with their customer bases and employees for years. It's easy to use, capable of mass communication, and allows for a more genuine touch than text messages.

What is Voice Broadcasting?

Voice broadcasting is a powerful communication tool that allows you to instantly send recorded voice messages to multiple phone numbers. With a voice broadcast service, businesses can upload bulk customer contacts and record several different messages in advance.

Now more than ever, clear communication between businesses and customers is important. With a voice broadcast dialer, you can let your customers know if you are open for business, what safety measures have been put in place, and more. This quick and contactless form of mass communication guarantees connection without sacrificing safety.

How to Use Voice Broadcasts to Connect with Customers

Voice broadcasting services ensure that you reach your customer base, whether you're a local shop reaching out to the community or an international chain reassuring patrons across the globe. Communication is a necessity no matter how business operations change, and during quarantine it's even more important for customers to understand how to safely connect.

Using voice broadcasts, you can let customers know how COVID-19 has impacted your business and to what degree. Reassure customers that their safety is your top priority and update them about the latest operational developments, such as:

  • If personal protective equipment like face masks are required to be worn by customers and if such gear is available in-store for customer use.
  • What new safety measures have been put in place to protect employees and customers, such as plexiglass shields at checkout.
  • If your business is offering new services in addition to or in lieu of in-store shopping, such as contactless delivery or curbside pickup.
  • Whether social distancing measures and limited capacity guidelines are being implemented per state or federal requirements.
  • If appointments are required for customers to enter your business and if your waiting room or other common spaces are open to the public.

Any or all of the information above may impact how customers can interact with your organization. Because of this, it benefits both parties for customers to be informed as soon as possible about business changes and new safety measures. With voice APIs, this is easily and quickly accomplished.

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Voice Broadcasting Features

There are several voice broadcasting API features that mark it as a superior mass communication tool for businesses during these challenging times.

  • Two Party Connection: Create a dynamic two-way communication channel to maximize customer relations. Now more than ever, make sure you're accessible to customers and can answer all of their questions.
  • Interactive Voice Response: Direct customers to the correct department or information quickly and efficiently. Save time and money by anticipating customer needs and ensuring you're equipped to handle them.
  • Mobile and Landline Calls: Connect with customers regardless of whether they use a mobile or landline phone. Technology has become the primary way for people to connect, so use it to your full advantage.
  • Answering Machine Detection: Identify whether a customer or answering machine received your message. Important information, especially health-related messages, may be time-sensitive.

With these features, you'll be able to do more than just leave messages for your customers— you'll be able to actively communicate and create meaningful conversations.

Benefits of Voice Broadcasts

There are a wide variety of benefits that businesses experience after integrating voice broadcasting into their marketing strategies. As coronavirus continues to impact our society and how we interact with each other, voice broadcasting software and their benefits have become increasingly important as a trusted communication medium between businesses and customers.

  • Global Coverage: As the pandemic continues to affect each country differently, businesses with global interests can rest assured that voice broadcasting makes it easy for them to stay in touch with communities everywhere.
  • Easy Scalability: Every business needs a reliable way to communicate with their customer base, whether they service a few dozen or a couple thousand. With the right voice API, you can send and receive up to 12,000 automated phone calls per minute.
  • Fully Programmable: Though everyone is working together to keep our communities safe, each business has different needs. With a voice API software that's fully programmable, you can customize your messages for a powerful impact.
  • Endless Possibilities: Voice broadcasting is an expedient and easy way to deliver information, from medical appointment reminders to changes in business hours and more. As an added consideration, voice messages allow for more emotional communication.
  • More Convenient: Instead of fighting for a customer or employee's attention and time, leave messages for people to listen to whenever is most convenient for them. And since you can send thousands of messages with the push of a button, you save time, too.
  • Integration Options: While voice broadcasting is a powerful communication medium on its own, it becomes even more powerful when combined with additional marketing strategies like text message APIs.

Phone Notify and Communication During Quarantine

Reassure your customers that you're open for business, even if it may not be business as usual. Voice broadcasting not only allows you to reach out to your customers, but also lets customers easily and quickly connect with you.

With Esendex's voice broadcast services, you can let customers know about important information related to business operations during quarantine, such as whether appointments are required or what safety protocols have been implemented. Phone Notify! is a fully programmable voice API so that you can customize your communications according to your organization's specific needs. And since our API has global coverage and allows businesses to send and receive up to 12,000 bulk phone calls per minute, there's nothing preventing you from providing the best service possible.

Though our everyday lives may be in a state of change, your customers can be sure of clear and reliable communication with voice broadcasting.

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