Though marketing strategies work best when multiple communication methods are integrated, they each must independently perform well in order for the strategy as a whole to succeed. In today's oversaturated market, this is especially vital. The abundance of available information has directly resulted in a scarcity of customer attention.

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So how to capture and retain a person's interest? Voice messaging is one method that has proven consistently effective, despite its reliance on voicemails, a comparatively older technology.

Voice Messaging vs. Other Communication Mediums

Voice messaging systems predate many other currently popular marketing and communication mediums, such as mass texting. Despite this, it has remained relevant and effective. It has also adapted to the changing technological culture, as evidenced by the emerging use of voice texts.

The continued use of voice message services is no surprise, however. There are several benefits to voice messages and voice texts that are unique to this communication medium:

  • Offers more personalization via tone and voice
  • Convenient for both companies and customers
  • Fits into integrated marketing strategies
  • Builds on existing customer relationships
  • Adaptable to mass advertising or 1:1 targeting
  • Accessible for landline, mobile, and smartphone users
  • Provides less quantity, but more quality data

Considering the above points, it's understandable why companies continue to use voice marketing.

Tips to Easily Generate More Leads with Mass Messaging

Today's market has changed the face of lead generation; now, it isn't just about finding customers. The onset of the internet and abundance of information means that, more than likely, they'll seek you out rather than vice versa. To generate leads, you need to capture and then nurture a customer's interest, building a relationship with them over time.

In order to help with this, we've compiled some simple tips below to keep in mind while you're working on your voice messaging strategy.

Sign Up With the Best Software For You

This may seem obvious, but it's vitally important to the success of your marketing strategy, which is why it's the first tip listed. After all, you can't generate leads if you can't reach an audience. In order to effectively connect with customers and capture their interest, you have to sign up with the right mass messaging service.

Find a voice messaging software able to meet all of your needs, both present and anticipated. For example, it's great if you sign up with a voice API that can reach thousands in minutes, but not so great if it only offers U.S. coverage and you expect your company to have an international presence in the next few years. Common considerations include scalability, cost, and breadth of features.

So do some digging and make sure to sign up with a service that matches your company, whether you're a unique and fast-growing startup or a well-known and established corporation.

Schedule Your Messaging Around the Content

Schedule your voicemails to send at the most convenient time for the customer. Appointment reminders, delivery updates, and payment notices are best sent in the morning due to their potentially important content. Conversely, content like marketing and promotions are best sent in the evening, when people no longer have pressing issues or distractions to divert their attention. The exception to this is time-sensitive content like emergency alerts, which should be delivered as soon as possible.

Enhance your customer satisfaction by using mass messaging to connect with customers at the right time, every time.

Build Powerful Voice Applications

Our mass phone call service can send calls to customers with mobile and landline devices.

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Use Different Levels of Customization

If you're able to choose between a prerecorded sound file or an automated call script, take advantage of this feature to vary the level of customization in your messaging and marketing. Choose automated scripts for messages that are less important, such as shipping statuses, and really connect with customers using prerecorded files for voicemails about payment reminders or customer loyalty rewards. Automated calls are useful, but sometimes it's worth it to add that extra touch of personalization.

Voice broadcasting is only as powerful as the language behind it, so make sure to choose your message (and its delivery method) wisely.

Speak Up— Literally, and in Different Languages

Many voice messaging services now offer call scripts in multiple accents and languages. Take advantage of this and change your scripts depending on the demographic or country you're servicing. This creates more inclusive and accessible messages for all of your customers, whether it's within the continental U.S. or across the ocean. This can be especially useful to prevent important information, such as medical appointments and emergency alerts, from being lost in translation.

There's tons of accents and languages available to you, so why rely on just one? Create deeper connections with your audience utilizing this feature to its fullest.

Use Voice Messages As Supplemental Marketing

We listed the integration possibilities of this software and how important they are, so this piece of advice should come as no surprise. Use your voice message service to supplement your other communication methods, or vice versa. If you've sent an SMS appointment confirmation and received no response, send a voicemail or voice text as well. Similarly, if you've sent a voicemail requesting customer feedback that's not getting any attention, shoot out a quick text to draw attention to it.

As we mentioned before, marketing strategies produce the best results when they involve multiple communication methods. Take advantage of this to boost your ROI and increase lead generation.

Phone Notify! and Mass Voice Messaging Technology

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Our API is scalable and fully programmable so that you can customize your content to fit your unique brand. We have a feature to fit every need, from SIP trunking to call quality monitoring to interactive voice response and more. Our volume-based pricing also makes Phone Notify! affordable for everyone. There's no contracts, no hidden fees, and no credit cards required to get started— so why wait?

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