How to harness the power of AI in SMS marketing

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There are many reasons to use AI in SMS marketing. A key benefit is that you can create engaging and personalized content for your campaigns. Learn more here.

AI is revolutionizing SMS marketing – not only by helping marketers craft more personalized, conversational messages but by giving them time back to focus on other strategic tasks. Here’s what you need to know about how you can successfully incorporate AI into your SMS marketing strategy.

How AI can be used in SMS marketing

For many businesses, SMS is a key communication tool. And it’s no wonder, thanks to its average open rate of up to 98% and the ability to reach customers instantly. When you use AI, you can further elevate the power of SMS.

Here are some ways AI can be utilized as part of an SMS marketing strategy:

Enhanced personalization

Did you know that personalization can boost sales by at least 10%? AI can analyze customer data (e.g. purchasing or browsing history) to create highly targeted messages, such as tailored recommendations or upsell opportunities.

Improved customer engagement

By examining customer responses, AI can recommend appropriate next steps. For example, AI can look at how customers react to campaigns and automatically recommend modifications in response. 

Marketers can then take this knowledge and adjust messaging to better resonate with recipients and improve overall campaign performance.

Better customer interactions

It’s said that AI will power 95% of customer interactions by 2025. Why not incorporate a chatbot into your marketing strategy? Analyze your customer support cases and turn the frequently asked questions and scripted answers into a chatbot. 

By automating this area of customer support, you can free up valuable resources, give customers the opportunity to self serve, and deliver a more seamless, efficient customer experience. 

Effective segmentation 

Audience segmentation can be challenging, but AI can help marketers better understand their customers and their individual preferences. By identifying patterns, you can create hyper-targeted campaigns that resonate with customers, driving engagement, conversion, and ROI.

Best practices to follow when using AI in SMS marketing

  • Ensure compliance with data protection laws and regulations to maintain customer trust and brand reputation. This is extremely important as AI relies heavily on customer data.
  • Find the right balance between personalization and automation. This will help you avoid delivering cold, impersonal SMS messages and instead, remain authentic and genuine about wanting to help customers.
  • Use AI to extensively analyze data – this can help you to discover surprising trends that can further enhance your marketing efforts.
  • Focus on continuous improvement and optimize campaigns in real-time. Allow AI to examine your campaigns and make instant recommendations – which you can then use to perform adjustments on-the-spot.
  • Boost efficiency with an omnichannel marketing campaign. By using other communication channels, like email and social media, alongside SMS, you can extend the benefits of AI. Plus, it’s an opportunity to deliver a seamless marketing campaign that caters to the ever-changing nature of today’s consumers.

Use AI to enhance your SMS marketing efforts

By integrating AI into your SMS marketing strategy, you gain the chance to improve customer engagement, enhance the overall experience, drive higher conversion rates and maximize your ROI. 

The beauty of AI is that it can be used to automate repetitive, often labor-intensive tasks like data processing and analysis. Allow AI to analyze your customer data, providing you with in-depth insights which you can leverage to continually adjust and improve your marketing campaigns.

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