Voice messaging can be a powerful communication and marketing tool, but only when used to its fullest advantage. Businesses should capitalize on the unique benefits voice APIs offer to see how impactful their messages can truly be. The opportunity for nuance and customization that voice messaging systems offer is just one example of such benefits that companies can use to boost their sales.

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Voice Messaging and Why It Matters

When it comes to voice messaging services, it's important to understand that you'll be gaining quality over quantity. Though emails and SMS messages may have a higher ROI in terms of simple numbers, voice messages produce richer data.

In addition to this, customers who respond to voice messages also demonstrate a higher level of interest. Mass texting services and voice messages are both convenient and easy for businesses to send out, but only the former is just as easy for customers to respond to. Because of this, businesses can be more assured of convertible leads with customers that engage with voice messages.

The right voice messaging software makes it easy to record, target, and send messages. And for an added flair, companies can also experiment with voice texts, a spinoff marketing method of voice messages. The difference is that these messages are texted to a user instead of left in the voicemail inbox. But rest assured, all of the sales-boosting tactics we'll discuss below will also work for voice text messaging.

How to Boost Sales Using Voice Messaging

But just like any other marketing tactic, there's an art to getting it to truly work for you. If simply recording any voice message would produce the kind of results we've been talking about, it would be the most used communication tool out there.

To boost your company's sales, there are a few tips and tricks to crafting a persuasive message that customers will readily respond to.

Keep Your Message Short (But Not Too Short)

When you leave a voicemail, three pieces of key information will appear on the user's phone: the number, length of the voicemail, and a transcription of the first few sentences. Your number will most likely be an unknown number, which doesn't work in your favor. This is why the other two elements are so important.

The length and content of the voicemail will determine whether or not a customer listens to it. If the voicemail is too short, they may assume it was an accident or spam and delete it automatically. If it's too long, that could also dissuade them from listening to it.

Longer than fifteen seconds but under a minute is the sweet spot to aim for. Keep your voicemail within this time range for the best chance of a conversion.

Make the Voicemail Relevant and to the Point

We mentioned above that the content of the voicemail was just as important as the length, and we'll go into that here. Once a customer has decided to listen to your voicemail, it can be done one of two ways: to play it and listen to it the traditional way or expand the transcription and read the voicemail.

No matter which way the customer chooses, your success will rely on the content within the voicemail. The message itself should be relevant, succinct, and creative enough to catch a customer's attention. Tailor them as much as possible and try to directly connect with the customer.

To aid in this, make sure to choose a voice messaging service that allows you to easily record and modify multiple messages for better targeting. Bulk contact upload and customized contact lists are two other features that are also particularly helpful with this.

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Hook the Customer at the Beginning and End

The first two sentences of your voicemail are the make or break point, and the last two are what will cinch it for you (or not). So make sure to give some special consideration to these two specific parts of your message, just like how we're giving them some extra attention here.

When beginning your message, make sure not to overlook a simple greeting. Say hello, ask how they're doing today (hopefully well!), and introduce yourself before launching into the reason for the voicemail. If the voicemail is in reference to a specific event or follow-up, mention that as well for clarification.

Generic closes that place responsibility on the customer or make responding feel like a chore won't help you here. Instead, try ending the voicemail similar to how you would with a friend. Leave your phone number and then wish them a good day, thank them for their time, or even tell them you'll call again soon.

It's Not Just What You Say, It's How You Say It

If you give ten people the same script, chances are at least a few of the messages they produce will be radically different from each other. Some people may have been bored when reading the messages, others may have reverted to a “sales voice,” and a few may have just used their regular voice.

It's this last group of people that you should try to emulate. Use your normal tone of voice when recording these messages and be careful to sound engaged, but not inauthentic and rehearsed.

Carefully review all of the voice messages you record. Before sending them out, ask yourself these questions:

  • Are you speaking normally enough that you're not mistaken for a robot?
  • Are you speaking slowly enough that all of the message can be heard?
  • Are you speaking clearly enough that all of the message is understood?

If your answer is ‘yes' to all of these questions, then your message is ready for the inbox.

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