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Immediately send or schedule a single text message to multiple phone numbers, or individual messages to multiple recipients. the AdvancedSMSSend method includes a [PostBackURL] parameter. SMS Notify! uses DIDs or short codes assigned to your account license key to send MT text messages and receive MO text messages.





Request Parameters

Parameter Name Description Data Type Required Sample Value

Flag to indicate if concatenation headers should be added to messages that were broken into fragments. (Not supported by all devices.).

Boolean False False

Flag to indicate if message should be sent using Unicode encoding (UCS-2). If true, the max message character count is 70.

Boolean False False

Your license key, as required to invoke this web service.

String True F01d89fd-5155-5455-5585-e84ab8de8591

An array of SMS requests.

Array of SMSRequest objects True


Returns: AdvancedSMSSendResponse object

Code Samples

// Add this service reference to your project:

using AdvancedSMSSend.WSDL;

namespace AdvancedSMSSend
    class Program
        static void Main(string[] args)
            IsmsClient client = new IsmsClient("sms2wsHttpBinding");
            SMSAdvancedRequest advReq = new SMSAdvancedRequest();
            advReq.Concatenate = true;  // Optional.
            advReq.IsUnicode = true;  // Optional. If advReq.IsUnicode = true; max message character length is 70.
            advReq.LicenseKey =  new Guid("YOUR LICENSE KEY");
            List<SMSRequest> reqs = new List<SMSRequest>();
            SMSRequest req = new SMSRequest();

            req.Message = "Test Advanced SMS";  // Single-line message.
            // req.Message = "SMS Advanced" + "\n" + "Line 1" + "\n" + "Line 2";  // Multi-line message

            req.PhoneNumbers = new string[] {"17575449510", "17579510544"}; // You could send the same message to multiple phone numbers. (You will get back a response packet per phone number.)
            req.ReferenceID = "2863172"; // Will return with responses. (Optional)
            req.StatusPostBackURL = "";  // (Optional)
            req.ScheduledDateTime = new DateTime(2012, 09, 25, 14, 15, 0).ToUniversalTime();
            // ScheduledDateTime Format is Year, Month, Date Hour, Minutes, Seconds. The time can be set in your local time zone as it is converted to UTC.
            req.AssignedDID = "1555123456"; // Assigned DID. (Optional)


            // Add more requests here...
            advReq.SMSRequests = reqs.ToArray(); // Adds the array of requests to the SMSAdvancedRequest object.
            SMSResponse[] smsResponses = client.AdvancedSMSsend(advReq);

            foreach (var item in smsResponses)
                Console.WriteLine(item.MessageID + " " + item.SMSError);

' Add a service reference to

Imports AdvancedSMS.WSDL

Module Module1

    Sub Main()

        Dim client As WSDL.IsmsClient = New WSDL.IsmsClient("sms2wsHttpBinding")
        Dim advReq As New WSDL.SMSAdvancedRequest()
        Dim smsReqs As List(Of WSDL.SMSRequest) = New List(Of WSDL.SMSRequest)
        Dim req As WSDL.SMSRequest = New WSDL.SMSRequest()
        Dim phoneNumbers As List(Of String) = New List(Of String)

        advReq.Concatenate = true  ' Optional.
        advReq.IsUnicode = true  ' Optional. If advReq.IsUnicode = true max message character length is 70.
        advReq.LicenseKey = New Guid("YOUR LICENSE KEY")

        req.Message = "VB.NET SMS Advanced"  ' Single-line message
        ' req.Message = "VB.NET SMS Advanced" & Environment.NewLine & "Line 1" & Environment.NewLine & "Line 2"  ' Multi-line message
        req.PhoneNumbers = New String() {"17575449510", "1555123456"}
        req.ScheduledDateTime = New DateTime(2011, 8, 2, 13, 10, 0).ToUniversalTime
        ' ScheduledDateTime Format is Year, Month, Date Hour, Minutes, Seconds. The time can be set in your local time zone as it is converted to UTC.
        req.AssignedDID = "ASSIGNED DID NUMBER HERE" ' Optional

        advReq.SMSRequests = smsReqs.ToArray()

        Dim resp As WSDL.SMSResponse() = client.AdvancedSMSsend(advReq)

        For Each item In resp
            Console.WriteLine(Convert.ToString(item.MessageID) & " " & "SMS Error: " & Convert.ToString(item.SMSError))


    End Sub

End Module
Dim thexml

' The xml may look sloppy, but it must be a single line to work.
' Look at for a sample XML packet in a more readable format.
' For this sample to work, replace all the (your value here) in thexml with the values you wish to use.

thexml = "<SMSAdvancedRequest xmlns=""""> <Concatenate>true</Concatenate><IsUnicode>true</IsUnicode>
<LicenseKey>(Your License Key)</LicenseKey><SMSRequests><SMSRequest xmlns=""""><AssignedDID></AssignedDID><Message>(Your Message)</Message>
<PhoneNumbers><string xmlns="""">(Your Number</string></PhoneNumbers><ReferenceID></ReferenceID>

' <ScheduledDateTime>2020-05-31T11:20:00</ScheduledDateTime>
' If you wish for the message to be sent at a future datetime include this parameter.
' Note the ScheduledDateTime must be in UTC format.

Dim xmlHttp

Set xmlHttp = createobject("Microsoft.XMLHTTP")

Call"POST", "", false)
Call xmlHttp.setRequestHeader("Content-Type", "text/xml")
Call xmlHttp.send(thexml)


// Send SMS messages using SOAP client
// Send different messages to different numbers with one method.

$client = new SoapClient('');

$licenseKey = '(your license key here)';
$unicode = true;
$concat = true;

$PhoneNumbersArray1 = array('0123456789', '4567891230');
$PhoneNumbersArray2 = array('1234567890', '7652212120');

$Message1 = 'Hello World';
$Message2 = 'Goodbye World';

$RequestArray = array(
    'AssignedDID' => '',  // If you have a Dedicated Line, you would assign it here.
    'ReferenceID' => '',  // User defined reference, set a reference and use it with other SMS functions.
    // 'ScheduledDateTime' => '2010-05-06T16:06:00Z',  // This must be a UTC time. Only Necessary if you want the message to send at a later time.
    'StatusPostBackURL' => ''  // Your postback URL for responses.
  , array(
    'AssignedDID' => '',
    'ReferenceID' => '',
    'ScheduledDateTime' => '2010-05-06T16:06:00Z',
    'StatusPostBackURL' => ''

$request = new AdvancedCallRequestData($licenseKey, $RequestArray, $unicode, $concat);
// print_r($request);

$result = $client->AdvancedSMSsend($request);

class AdvancedCallRequestData {
  public $AdvancedRequest;

  function AdvancedCallRequestData($licenseKey, $requests, $unicode, $concat) {
    $this->AdvancedRequest = array();
    $this->AdvancedRequest['Concatenate'] = $concat;
    $this->AdvancedRequest['IsUnicode'] = $unicode;
    $this->AdvancedRequest['LicenseKey'] = $licenseKey;
    $this->AdvancedRequest['SMSRequests'] = $requests;


// Request parameters in JSON format
$json = '{
  "Concatenate":"true", // Optional.
  "IsUnicode":"true", // Optional. If "IsUnicode":"true" max message character limit is 70.
  "Message":"Hello there",

// Method
$url = '';

$cURL = curl_init();

curl_setopt($cURL, CURLOPT_URL, $url);
curl_setopt($cURL, CURLOPT_POST, true);
curl_setopt($cURL, CURLOPT_POSTFIELDS, $json);
curl_setopt($cURL, CURLOPT_RETURNTRANSFER, true);

curl_setopt($cURL, CURLOPT_HTTPHEADER, array('Content-Type: application/json', 'Accept: application/json'));
// If you desire your results in XML format, use the following line for your HTTP headers and comment out the HTTP headers code line above.
// curl_setopt($cURL, CURLOPT_HTTPHEADER, array('Content-Type: application/json'));

$result = curl_exec($cURL);


require 'uri'
require 'net/http'

url = URI("")
http =, url.port)
request =
request["content-type"] = 'application/json'

request.body = '{
  "Concatenate": false,
  "IsUnicode": false,
  "Message":"Esendex test message.",

response = http.request(request)

puts response.read_body

public final class SMSNotifyAdvanced {
    public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception
        String responseContent="";
        String response="";

        URL url = new URL("");
        HttpURLConnection connection = (HttpURLConnection) url.openConnection();

        StringBuilder sb = new StringBuilder("<SMSAdvancedRequest xmlns=\"\">");
        sb.append("<Concatenate>true</Concatenate>");  // Optional.
        sb.append("<IsUnicode>true</IsUnicode>");  // Optional. If sb.append("<IsUnicode>true</IsUnicode>") max message character limit is 70.
        sb.append("<LicenseKey>YOUR LICENSE KEY</LicenseKey>");
        sb.append("<SMSRequest xmlns=\"\">");
        sb.append("<AssignedDID>YOUR DID</AssignedDID>"); // Optional.
        sb.append("<Message>Test Message</Message>");
        sb.append("<string xmlns=\"\">15551234567</string>");
        sb.append("<string xmlns=\"\">15551234567</string>");
        sb.append("<StatusPostBackURL></StatusPostBackURL>"); // Optional.

        connection.setRequestProperty("Content-Length", String.valueOf(sb.toString().length()));
        connection.setRequestProperty("Content-Type", "text/xml");
        connection.setRequestProperty("Connection", "Close");
        connection.setRequestProperty("SoapAction", "");

        PrintWriter pw = new PrintWriter(connection.getOutputStream());


        BufferedReader in = new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader(connection.getInputStream()));

        while ((responseContent = in.readLine()) != null)
            response += responseContent;

  "Concatenate": true,
  "IsUnicode": true,
  "LicenseKey": "1627aea5-8e0a-4371-9022-9b504344e724",
  "SMSRequests": [
      "AssignedDID": "String content",
      "Message": "String content",
      "PhoneNumbers": [
        "String content"
      "ReferenceID": "String content",
      "ScheduledDateTime": "\/Date(928164000000)\/",
      "StatusPostBackURL": "String content"
    "Cancelled": true,
    "MessageID": "1627aea5-8e0a-4371-9022-9b504344e724",
    "Queued": true,
    "ReferenceID": "String content",
    "SMSError": 0,
    "SMSIncomingMessages": null,
    "Sent": true,
    "SentDateTime": "\/Date(928164000000-0400)\/"
<SMSAdvancedRequest xmlns="">
    <SMSRequest xmlns="">
      <AssignedDID>String content</AssignedDID>
      <Message>String content</Message>
        <string xmlns="">String content</string>
        <string xmlns="">String content</string>
      <ReferenceID>String content</ReferenceID>
      <StatusPostBackURL>String content</StatusPostBackURL>
    <SMSRequest xmlns="">
      <AssignedDID>String content</AssignedDID>
      <Message>String content</Message>
        <string xmlns="">String content</string>
        <string xmlns="">String content</string>
      <ReferenceID>String content</ReferenceID>
      <StatusPostBackURL>String content</StatusPostBackURL>
<ArrayOfSMSResponse xmlns="">
    <ReferenceID>String content</ReferenceID>
    <SMSIncomingMessages i:nil="true" />
    <ReferenceID>String content</ReferenceID>
    <SMSIncomingMessages i:nil="true" />