Why Use Text Blasting for Business?

There are a few key reasons businesses should consider using text blast services.

  1. First, text blasting is incredibly effective in quickly reaching a large audience. If you need to get a message out to a lot of people in a short time, text blasting is the way to go.
  2. Second, text blasts are highly personalized. You can target your audience precisely, ensuring that your message reaches the right people.
  3. Third, text blasts are relatively inexpensive. Compared to other marketing channels, text blasting is very cost-effective.
  4. Finally, text blasts are easy to track and measure. You can see how many people received your message and responded to it. This helps you gauge your text blast's effectiveness and make necessary adjustments.

Overall, text blasting is a powerful marketing tool that can reach a large audience quickly, efficiently, and at a low cost. If you are not using text blasts as part of your marketing strategy, you should strongly consider doing so.

Start Text Blasting In Minutes

Contact customers individually with our text blast service. Or, if you have many people (for example, your entire contact list), our text blast software and API can do that too, fast!

Why Choose Esendex’s Text Blast Services?

We strive to be the best text blast service in the industry. Our trusted blast text service provides quality performance to drive your communication strategy. From integration to your first SMS campaign, we make the entire process uncomplicated.


1. World Class Support

Most text message blast services don't have active online support channels customers can speak to when they need it the most, and we understand. That's why we have 24/7, around the clock emergency support for our blast text message service.

  • Fast Response Times
  • Fast Troubleshooting
  • Chat, Email, & Phone Support
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2. Global 2 way SMS

Our sms text blast service enables you to leverage your business communication globally without any interruptions. Don't worry about the distance! Get connectivity in more than 190 countries.

  • Tier 1 SMS Network
  • 99.9% Guaranteed Uptime

3. Government Level Security

Our text message blaster is 256 Bit Encrypted (typically only reserved for governments and militaries), SOC2 Type 2 Certified, HITRUST Certified. Hardware-based SMS servers are strategically located throughout the US-owned and operated by Esendex.

  • 256 Bit Encrypted
  • HITRUST Certified
  • SOC2 Certified
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The Esendex Difference

Since the early 2000s, Esendex's been one of the industry's most trusted SMS text blast providers.

The truth is we do things differently. Our vision is to shape your connections to the world through reliable, usable, and adaptable Communication and Data APIs.

24/7 Support Lowest Pricing Multiple Service Channels

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We’ve been rated 5 out 5 stars on Capterra, GetApp, Google and Facebook – based on 40+ reviews.

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Text Blasting Use Cases

Many different text blast use cases can be beneficial for businesses and organizations. Here are five of the most common:

Text blasts can remind customers or clients of upcoming appointments. This can help reduce no-shows and ensure that appointments are kept.

Text blasts can be used to remind people of upcoming events. This is especially useful for events that require RSVPs, such as conferences or workshops.

Text blasts can also be used to send marketing messages to potential or current customers. This could include special offers, discounts, or new product announcements.

Text blasts can send alerts and notifications to people in a specific group or organization. This could include weather warnings, safety alerts, or changes in schedule or policy.

Text blasts can also be used for customer service purposes. This could include sending out updates on orders or deliveries, answering frequently asked questions, or addressing customer concerns.
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Difference Between Group Texts & Text Blasts

Text Blast

A text blast is a mass text message that is sent to a large number of people at once.

Group Text

A group text is a text message sent to a small group of people, usually no more than 10.

The main difference between a text blast and a group text is the number of people that receive the message. Text blasts are sent to many people, while group texts are sent to a small group. Another difference is that text blasts are typically used for marketing or promotional purposes, while group texts are used for more personal communication.

Text Blasts & Compliance

Text blast, or text message blast, is a mass messaging service that allows businesses to send out large volumes of texts quickly and easily. However, some rules and regulations need to be followed to stay compliant with the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) and the Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association (CTIA). Here's what you need to know about text blast compliance:


The TCPA requires businesses to get written consent from customers before sending them any marketing materials via text. This means that customers must opt-in to receive texts from your business.


The CTIA has a set of guidelines known as the Short Message Service (SMS) Marketing Code of Conduct. This code sets out best practices for businesses that send text messages and includes ensuring customers can opt-out of receiving texts and not sending texts to customers who have not given their consent.

By following these guidelines, businesses can stay compliant with the TCPA and the CTIA when sending text blasts to their customers.

Finding The Right Text Blast Service

Here are a few key things to consider when finding the best text blast service for your business:

  1. You'll want to find a service that offers a variety of features that can be customized to fit your specific needs.
  2. You'll want to ensure the service is reliable and has a good reputation.
  3. You'll want to find a service that is affordable and fits within your budget.

Regarding features, you'll want to ensure the text blast service you choose offers a wide range of options. This way, you can tailor your messages to best fit your needs. For example, some services allow you to send out mass texts, while others let you schedule texts in advance or target specific groups of people.

It's also essential to find a reliable text blast service with a good reputation. You don't want to use a service known for being unreliable or having poor customer service. Instead, you'll want to find a service that has a good track record and is known for providing excellent customer service.

Finally, you'll want to find a text blast service that is affordable and fits within your budget. There are various pricing options out there, so be sure to compare different services before making your final decision.

By following these tips, you can be sure to find the best text blast service for your business needs.

Text Blast Service FAQ’s

Get all of your text blast marketing questions answered here.

How to send a blast text?

You can send a text blast by signing up with a text blast service like Esendex. Once you’ve created your account using our SMS API or SMS broadcast service, you can upload your contacts, create your message, and with a click of a button blast out thousands of messages to everyone. They’ll receive your message in seconds!

What is text blast?

A text blast, also known as an SMS blast, is a mass text messaging service that allows businesses to send out promotional messages or announcements to a large group of people at once. Text blasts are a quick and easy way to reach a large audience with minimal effort, and they can be an effective marketing tool for businesses of all sizes.

How much does it cost to send text blasts?

Esendex’s text blast software and SMS API prices can beat or match any of our competitors. We offer highly competitive pricing and bulk volume discounts for all of our services. Contact a helpful sales rep to learn more.

Can I send text blasts with my iPhone?

Yes! Our text blast services can send text messages to iPhones and even android devices without failure.

What is text blast machine?

A text blast machine is a device that sends out large volumes of text messages simultaneously. This can be useful for businesses or organizations that need to communicate with many people at once. Text blasts can be sent to multiple recipients at once, and they can be customized to include specific information or calls to action.

Is sending text message blasts legal?

No! Text blasting is not illegal unless you’re sending text messages to recipients who did not opt-in to your SMS traffic. Click here to learn more SMS rules, regulations, and compliance.

Can I send a text blast with Google Voice?

You cannot send text blasts using a google voice phone number. Google Voice numbers are intended for personal use and are not meant for mass texts or SMS marketing campaigns. If you try to use a Google Voice number for text blasting, you will likely find that your messages are blocked or sent through as individual texts (or personal p2p messages) instead of as mass texts. There are better solutions for sending text blasts, such as using a short code text service or long code texting service number from a reliable SMS marketing service.

Is there an app I can use for sending SMS blasts?

Yes! You can use the Dash Notify website application to send your messages. Just create an account, login, and start building your SMS campaign from the comfort of your phone, or tablet. It’s that easy!

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