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This type is used in the NotifyMultiplePhoneAdvanced method.

Type Properties

Property NameDescriptionData TypeSample
PhoneNumberToDialThe phone number to call. It can be in any format, as long as there are 10 digits. To dial an extension, add x followed by the extension.String7575559999
TransferNumberThe phone number that the call will be transferred to if the call recipient presses 0. Transfer behavior can be further modified with TextToSay commands.String7575558888
VoiceIDThe text-to-speech voice ID.Integer2
CallerIDNumberThe number to display on the receiving party’s Caller ID.String7575550000
CallerIDNameThe name to display on the receiving party’s Caller ID. (Most carriers ignore this and use their own directory assistance to display name information.)StringEsendex Services
TextToSayThe text-to-speech text or combination of text-to-speech and script to be read to the receiving party.StringHello, this is a sample call from Phone Notify.
LicenseKeyYour license key.String00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000
TryCountThe number of times to attempt dialing if the initial call is unanswered or busy. The maximum is 3.Integer2
NextTryInSecondsThe number of seconds to wait until the next retry is performed if the original call is unanswered or busy. We recommend waiting at least 60 seconds.Integer180
UTCScheduledDateTimeThe date and time at which to send the call, specified as Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).DateTime2020-11-17T08:25:08.336Z
TTSrateThe speed that text-to-speech (TTS) will use when speaking the text. The value ranges from 0 to 20 (10 being normal). This can also be controlled within the TextToSay parameter.Byte10
TTSvolumeThe volume that text-to-speech (TTS) will use when speaking the text. The value ranges from 0 to 100 (100 being the default). This can also be controlled within the TextToSay parameter.Byte100
MaxCallLengthThe maximum time duration of the call, in seconds. We recommend you do not change this unless you absolutely need to.Integer80
StatusChangePostUrlThe URL to post call status changes to. The URL must be in lowercase. The system posts OutgoingPostback data for outgoing calls and IncomingPostback data for incoming calls.Stringhttps://example.com/callprogress.aspx
ReferenceIDAn optional ID to help you identify the call.Stringnotify1

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