Voice Broadcast API

Voice API
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Type: String

Possible Values

QueuedStatus Code 0
Call AnsweredStatus Code 1
Call UnansweredStatus Code 2
Invalid Phone NumberStatus Code 3
Invalid CallerIDStatus Code 4
Invalid VoiceIDStatus Code 5
Invalid Number to Transfer ToStatus Code 6
Invalid Digit for TransferStatus Code 7
BusyStatus Code 8
Universal ErrorStatus Code 9
Demo allowance exceeded.Status Code 10
Demo not allowedStatus Code 11
DialingStatus Code 12
CallerID and PhoneNumber To Dial cannot match.Status Code 13
Key Invalid. IP Address has been suspended.Status Code 14
Phone Number AbuseStatus Code 15
Scheduled Time is not a UTC date/timeStatus Code 16
This site has been identified as a source of abuse.Status Code 17
RingingStatus Code 18
TryingStatus Code 19
Call is being ForwardedStatus Code 20
In Call/RingingStatus Code 21
CancelledStatus Code 22
Sound File Not FoundStatus Code 23
TransferredStatus Code 24
Transfer FailedStatus Code 25
Caller Hung up during transferStatus Code 26
Administrative HoldStatus Code 27
Call ForbiddenStatus Code 28
Incoming CallStatus Code 29
Incoming Call CompleteStatus Code 30
Incoming Call TransferredStatus Code 31
TTS ErrorStatus Code 32
Time RestrictionStatus Code 33
Congestion/Service UnavailStatus Code 34
Global Not AcceptableStatus Code 35
No Supported MediaStatus Code 36
Telecom TimeoutStatus Code 37
Telecom DeniedStatus Code 38
Demo Denied due to FTC regulationsStatus Code 39
TTS Busy – Will Try AgainStatus Code 40
Conference StartStatus Code 41
Conference JoinStatus Code 42
Telco Reported Vacant NumberStatus Code 43
Number Changed or DisconnectedStatus Code 44
Sound File ProcessingStatus Code 45
Ready for DialerStatus Code 46

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