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This type includes details about a call that you created with the Phone Notify! API.

Type Properties

Property NameDescriptionData TypeSample
ResponseCodeStatus code for the call.QueueIDStatusCode1
ResponseTextStatus description of the call.QueueIDStatusTextCall Answered
CallAnsweredWhether the call was answered.BooleanTrue
QueueIDThe unique ID of the call. Use this at any time to get the call’s current status with the GetQueueIDStatus and GetQueueIDStatusWithAdvancedInfo methods.Long4093249
TryCountThe number of times to attempt dialing if the initial call is unanswered or busy.Integer2
DigitsPressedThe digits pressed while the call was active.String345
MachineDetectionWhether the call was answered by a human or a machine.
HUMAN- The call was answered by a human.
MACHINE- The call was answered by a machine.
FAX – The call was answered by a fax machine.
DurationThe total duration of the call, in seconds.Integer37
StartTimeThe UTC time when the call started.DateTime2020-08-28T00:53:06.608Z
EndTimeThe UTC time when the call ended.DateTime2020-08-28T00:53:43.654Z
CountryThe country called, if other than U.S. or Canada.String
CallCompleteWhether the call is complete.BooleanTrue
TextToSayThe text-to-speech text or combination of text-to-speech and script to be read to the receiving party.String
VariableArrayArray of Variable objects

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