IVR and Outbound voice solutions

Increase agent productivity, save on cost to serve, and deliver an exceptional customer experience with IVR.

Interactive Voice Response

Customer service teams are under increasing pressure to deliver exceptional service. A recent survey shows that post-COVID, 59% of consumers will care more about customer service when choosing products and services. 

Excellent customer experience is fundamental to loyalty. A positive onboarding experience substantially reduces churn rate; research shows poor onboarding accounts for up to 23% of customer churn. In addition, one in three consumers state they’re willing to switch suppliers after one negative customer service interaction.

A business is only as good as its reputation, and in a highly competitive market, that’s more important than ever. IVR empowers customers to self-serve and directs them to the most relevant department, which means your customer service team can focus on supporting customers quickly and accurately.

Abandon Call

51% of consumers will abandon their call because of a poorly designed IVR system – costing companies an average of $262 for each customer.

Good customer service

80% of companies think they’re delivering superior customer service; only 8% of their customers agree. How you handle inbound calls is a key part of your customer experience.

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Business benefits of IVR

Customer Satisfaction
Happier customers

By directing the customer to the correct department, they’ll get the answers they need sooner, without waiting on hold.

Time saving
Time savings

Your agents will save time because the customer has already gone through the ID verification process and a custom menu to route calls accurately. The customer saves time because they don’t have to wait in lengthy call queues.

Reduce costs icon
Cost effectiveness

A survey shows that when a customer can self-serve through IVR, it costs up to seven times less than speaking to a live agent.

Stronger sales pipeline

IVR can automate the process of reaching out to customers and prospects. After a few simple automated questions, interested recipients are then suitable for sales.

It helps businesses stay on brand

By mapping out a uniformed and consistent customer journey, customers know what to expect. IVR empowers businesses to deliver an experience that is always in line with their brand guidelines.

IVR grows with you

Demand forecasting is difficult. Seasonality, promotions, or industry activity can lead to spikes in demand that might exceed resources. IVR takes the pressure off agents to handle all inquiries manually. Through API’s, IVR can integrate with your existing systems to automate repetitive communication and offer complete flexibility to adjust the experience as your business grows.

Password Protection
Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Esendex’s fully customizable IVR system gives your customers the power to direct conversations in the way they want. In a drive towards successful omnichannel communication, IVR remains as relevant as ever.

GDPR Implications for Debt Collection
Voice Broadcasting

Use pre-recorded Voice messages to engage your customers and get your message heard. This works really well if the person recording the message is well-known, such as the star player in your team “calling” all of your supporters.

What is a voice API?

Voice APIs continue to be one of the most used voice message services across both wireless and traditional telecom infrastructure, enabling web applications to easily send voice messages.

How do I integrate a voice API?

A software developer or programmer manages the voice API integration, but it’s simple enough that it usually takes less than a day to write the code.

How do you test a voice API?

To test your voice API service, simply use your test credentials like you use your live credentials. This enables you to test your voice messaging API without actually sending a voice message. In addition, your account will not be charged.

How Can I Send Mass Phone Calls?

You can easily send mass phone calls with our easy-to-use voice broadcast API. We also offer Ringless Voicemail, which lets you send mass ringless voicemail drops directly into your customer’s inbox.

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