Phone Verification 101: What is it?

Phone verification is used to verify, clean, and check phone numbers in contact lists. Also known as number verification, this ensures the phone numbers are both valid and, if so, correctly formatted so that you can maximize your marketing and communications.

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This technology can be used for both landlines and cell phones using mass texting software in the United States and Canada, so that your business can connect with as many people as possible across North America.

Who Uses Phone Verification?

As you can see if you peek at the #1 reason to use a number validator below, this technology benefits every industry. No matter what product or service you sell, a phone number validator can help you in a number of ways. These are just a few of the industries that can greatly benefit from a phone validation service:

  • Debt Collection – Make sure you have the right number when trying to contact individuals about debts and payment plans.
  • Real Estate – Contact the right customers about open houses, short sales, and other housing opportunities to update them about their future home.
  • Political Campaigns – Reach your constituent base to inform them about important upcoming events like rallies, fundraisers, speeches, and voting days.
  • Healthcare – Contacting the right patient is crucial to confirming appointments, updating billing information, sending prescription reminders, and more.
  • Education – Keep parents up to date with the latest developments regarding virtual learning, school closures, and class schedules.

All of these industries and more can benefit from verifying phone numbers. Ready to sign up yet? If you are, great! If you aren’t, no worries. Below, we’ll discuss the top ten reasons to use phone verification. Keep reading to learn why this software is indispensable to so many companies.

Top 10 Reasons to Use Phone Verification

Now that you know what phone verification is, let’s discuss just why you should you use and how it can help boost your business marketing and communications strategies.

#1: Benefits Every Industry

No matter what industry your business services or what products you may offer, phone verification tools benefit you. They offer a number of advantages, as we’ll discuss more in-depth below. Whether you need to send out important weather alerts, appointment reminders, or flash sales notices, phone verification ensures you can easily and quickly connect with your audience.

#2: Ensures Deliverability

Don’t waste time trying to contact numbers that are incorrect or inactive. This is not only frustrating for companies and customers alike, but can be dangerous depending on the content of the message. Use phone verification to scrub your contact lists to remove numbers that are wrong or no longer active. This ensures your message is delivered the first time, every time.

#3: Boosts Conversion Rates

Boost your conversion rates by targeting customers. Phone verification software not only verifies your customer contacts, but also can identify each number’s time zone and location. Customize your campaigns for more effective communication. You can contact each customer whenever is most convenient for them and better market your products and services.

#4: Reduces Errors and Typos

Phone validation is useful for more than just phone numbers— it can actually correct all of your customers’ contact information and data if they sign up on your company’s website and agree to receive communication. A phone verification tool will review the information, correct errors and other typos, and confirm the contact methods are active.

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#5: Increases Standardization

Standardize your contact lists for easy communication. Phone verification services will remove dashes, parentheses, and spaces so that every number is in the same format. This makes it easy for your business to create effective campaigns without inconveniencing customers with strict contact formatting regulations.

#6: Guarantees Compliance

Make sure your company stays in compliance with all applicable federal and state regulations when you contact customers. Phone validators identify the time zones for each number in order to automatically restrict calling times. This increases your campaign’s efficiency, boosts customer satisfaction, and improves your organizational image.

#7: Easily Integrates with Email

With the right phone validator API, you’ll be able to receive the latest SMTP email string data. By returning the email domain associated with each contact’s phone provider, you can more easily integrate your marketing and communication strategies. Use this information for future email campaigns or to improve your current phone campaigns.

#8: Identifies Landline vs. Wireless

Phone validation not only determines if a phone number is correct and valid, but can also detect whether it’s registered to a landline or wireless number. In turn, this information allows you to better target customers and connect with them at the most opportune moment. Validating this data will also help you stay in compliance, in addition to increasing connection rates.

#9: Presents Scalable Options

No company is the same, which is why you need a programmable API solution that can meet your unique needs. Phone verification is completely scalable and can integrate with your company’s website, database, or any systems using SOAP or REST protocols. This way, you have a phone validation solution that perfectly matches and services your organization.

#10: Improve Campaign Results

With feature-packed phone number validation software, your company will be able to easily improve campaign results. With the touch of a button, you can scrub contact lists for correct and valid numbers, better target customers, and customize your campaigns for maximum effect. This not only boosts your conversion rates, but also increases customer satisfaction and overall profits for your products and services.

Deciding to Use a Phone Verification API

With Esendex’s phone verification service, you can easily verify phone numbers, in addition to cleaning and checking all of the numbers in your contact lists. Phone Verify can validate thousands of numbers in seconds, and works for both cellphone and wireless devices across the United States and Canada. Leverage this powerful tool with our phone verification API and our voice broadcast service how easy it is to connect with customers.

We offer volume-based pricing so that you never pay for more than you need (or use). There’s no hidden fees, no long term commitments, and we even offer 250 free credits for first-time customers to show our appreciation. You can also contact customer support for custom plan packages and to discuss if our Phone Verify API is right for you.

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