Phone Verification API


This data type contains all the info retrieved by the Phone Verification API about a given phone number. It is returned by the CheckPhoneNumber and CheckPhoneNumbers methods.

Type Properties

Property NameDescriptionData TypeSample
CompanyOperating company name.StringLEVEL 3 COMMUNICATIONS, LLC – VA
ValidIndicates whether the phone number is valid.BooleanTrue
UseUse of the phone number.StringAssigned to a code holder for normal use.
StateState abbreviation.StringVA
SwitchSwitch information.String
RCRate Center. This is the geographic area used by exchange carriers to set rate boundaries for billing and for issuing phone numbers.StringPARKSLEY
OCNOperating Company Number. This unique number identifies the operating company.String8825
OriginalNumberOriginal phone number as submitted to the API.String(757) 544-9510
CleanNumberPhone number as cleaned and standardized by the API.String7575449510
SwitchNameSwitch name.StringNORFOLK
SwitchTypeSwitch type.String
CountryCountry that the phone number is from.StringUnited States
CLLICommon Language Location Identifier code.StringCHSKVAAYDS0
PrefixTypeType of company.StringCLEC – (Competitive Local Exchange Carrier)
LATALocal Access and Transport Area. This number indicates a market area within the United States. For example, 252 represents the Norfolk, VA area.String252
smsType of SMS that the phone number uses.StringCLEC – (Competitive Local Exchange Carrier)
EmailEmpty string. (This used to indicate the type of email that the SMS uses.)String
AssignDateDate when the phone number was issued to a person.String9/26/2005
TelcomCityCity that the phone number belongs to.StringNew Brunswick
TelcomCountyCounty that the phone number belongs to.StringMiddlesex
TelcomStateState that the phone number belongs to.StringVA
TelcomZipZIP Code that the phone number belongs to.String8901
TimeZoneTime zone that the phone number belongs to.StringEST
LatLatitude of the telecom address.String36.8894
LongLongitude of the telecom address.String-76.2382
WirelessIndicates whether the phone number is wireless.Booleanfalse
LRNLocation Routing Number. This unique 10-digit number represents a telephone switch through which multiple phone numbers are routed. The LRN enables Local Number Portability (LNP), which allows phone numbers to be ported to different carriers. Note that toll-free numbers do not return LRN information.String7573740000

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