Phone Verification API


Does your Phone Verification Software cover Canadian phone numbers?

Yes, the API validates any number administered by the North American Numbering Plan Adminstration (NANPA).

How current is the data returned by the API?

We update our database once a month. Any telecom information updates are done at this time.

Does your Phone Verification Software identify who the line belongs to?

Our software returns only the telecom that owns the number, not the person using it.

Does your Phone Verification Software specify whether the line is live and active?

Our solution does not return whether the number is in use, only whether the number is valid and enabled for use.

Does your Phone Verification Software identify the mobile carrier?

Our software does return the mobile carrier that owns the phone number. This does not include what is known as the sub-carrier level. For example, Cricket Wireless is a subsidiary of AT&T; a number that uses Cricket will be reported as owned by AT&T.


What type of information does the solution return?

Our Phone Verification Software returns the validity, use, location, and many other pieces of information about phone numbers.

Where can I download the API?

Our solution is a web-based API that is not downloadable or out-of-the-box. To add the API into your application, programming by a developer is required. Details about integrating can be found in the Quick Start Guides.

Do you support multiple coding languages?

Yes, you can consume this web service using many different languages as well as environments. As long as you have an externally facing environment capable of making a web service call, you can use any of our APIs.

When the software returns Valid=True in the response, what does that mean exactly?

This means that the phone number is a valid phone number type. An example of one that is not valid would be 15555555555.

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