Postal Address Verification API


This type is used as a parameter in the VerifyAddressAdvanced method. The Return* properties are optional and available for U.S. addresses only. When verifying Canadian addresses, optional parameters that are set to True will return null values.

Type Properties

Property NameDescriptionData TypeSample
CityNameCity name.StringChesapeake
FirmOrRecipientFirm or recipient.StringEsendex
LicenseKeyYour license key.String00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000
PrimaryAddressLinePrimary address line (address number and street name).String505 Independence Parkway
ReturnCaseSensitiveSet to true to DISABLE the default behavior of returning the street name in ALL CAPS.BooleanTrue
ReturnCensusInfoSet to true to include CensusInfo in the response.BooleanTrue
ReturnCityAbbreviationSet to true to return the abbreviated city name in the response.BooleanTrue
ReturnGeoLocationSet to true to include GeoLocationInfo in the response.BooleanTrue
ReturnLegislativeInfoSet to true to include LegislativeInfo in the response.BooleanTrue
ReturnMailingIndustryInfoSet to true to include MailingIndustryInfo in the response.BooleanTrue
ReturnResidentialIndicatorSet to true to include ResidentialDeliveryIndicator in the response.BooleanTrue
ReturnStreetAbbreviationSet to true to return the abbreviated street name (if available).BooleanTrue
SecondaryAddressLineSecondary address line.StringSuite 300
UrbanizationUrbanization name (used in Puerto Rico only).StringBOSQUE DE LAS FLORES
ZipCodeZIP code.String23320

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