Postal Address Verification API


This data is included in the PavResponse data type.

Type Properties

Property NameDescriptionData TypeSample
AreaCodeArea Code.String757
AvgLatitudeAverage latitude position for address.String36.761033
AvgLongitudeAverage longitude position for address.String-76.256341
FromLatitudeThe ‘from’ latitude.String36.716751
FromLongitudeThe ‘from’ longitude.String-76.300819
HasDaylightSavingsWhether the address location recognizes Daylight Savings Time.BooleanTrue
TimeZoneTime zone for area.

EST – Eastern Standard Time
CST – Central Standard Time
MST – Mountain Standard Time
PST – Pacific Standard Time
PST-1 – Pacific Standard Time -1 hour (Alaska)
PST-2 – Pacific Standard Time -2 hours (Hawaii)
EST+1 – Eastern Standard Time +1 hour (Puerto Rico)
ToLatitudeThe ‘to’ latitude.String36.810799
ToLongitudeThe ‘to’ longitude.String-76.098457

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