Postal Address Verification API


This data is included in the PavResponse data type.

Type Properties

Property NameDescriptionData TypeSample
CarrierRouteA 4-character code assigned to a mail delivery or collection route within a 5-digit ZIP Code.StringC064
CheckDigitDigit used in PostNet Barcode.String7
DefaultFlagDefault flag.Booleanfalse
DeliveryPointDelivery Point.String75
DpvConfirmationIndicatorDPV indicator.

<empty string> – Address not presented to DPV (means address was not found in USPS database)
N – Address is not DPV-confirmed
Y – Address is DPV-confirmed
D – Primary number is DPV-confirmed, but secondary is not present
S – Primary number is DPV-confirmed, secondary number is present but not DPV-confirmed
DpvCrmaIndicatorCRMA (‘Y’ or ‘N’).StringN
DpvFootnote1Address matching footnote.

AA – address is matched to zip4
A1 – address is not matched to zip4
DpvFootnote2Address matching footnote.

BB – Address is matched to DPV (all components)
CC – Primary number is matched to DPV, secondary is present but matched
N1 – Primary number is matched to DPV, secondary is missing
M1 – Primary number is missing
M3 – Primary number is invalid
U1 – Address is matched to unique ZIP Code
F1 – Address is matched to military address
G1 – Address is matched to general delivery address
P1 – Address PO, RR, or HC Box number is missing
P3 – Address PO, RR, or HC Box number is invalid
DpvFootnote3Address matching footnote.

RR – address matched to CMRA with secondary present
R1 – address matched to CMRA with secondary not present
DpvFootnote4Address matching footnote.String
DpvFootnote5Address matching footnote.String
DpvNoStatIndicator‘Y’ or ‘N’StringN
DpvVacantIndicator‘Y’ or ‘N’StringN
ELOTAscDesceLOT ascending/descending code.

A – Ascending
B – Descending
ELOTSequenceNumbereLOT sequence number.String0185
EwsFlageLOT sequence number.

Y – address is in early warning system database
N – address is not in EWS
<empty string> – not presented to EWS
LACSFlagY – address has been converted by LACS.String
LACSIndicatorL – input address has been matched to ‘L’ marked record.String
LACSReturnCodeLACS return code.String
RecordTypeCodeType of record.

F – Firm
G – General Delivery
H – High-Rise
P – P.O. Box
R – Rural Route/Highway Contract
S – Street
SuiteLinkReturnCodeSuiteLink return code.String

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