Postal Address Verification API

Quick Start: PHP

There are three steps to integrating the PAV API into your PHP project:

1. Obtain an Esendex License Key.

Sign up for an account and complete the request form.

2. Create a request code within Notepad++

a. Start a new project within Notepad++. Select the Language tab, then P from the list, and finally PHP.

b. Add the request code for the VerifyAddress method of the API. (In this example we are using PHP with SOAP.)

c. Once you have added your desired request code, save the file as shown.

Tip: Ensure the file is saved as a .php file type.

3. Call the desired PAV Address Verification method.

a. Navigate to your web development server in your browser and click on the project folder. (In this example we are using WAMP.)

b. Click on your project name.

c. View the result.

Let’s start sending, together.