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Indicates the status of an outgoing message. This value is included in the SMSDeliveryReceiptPostback and MMSDeliveryReceiptPostback types.

Type: Enum

Possible Values

Value Description
000 - DeliveredToDevice

The message was delivered to the recipient.

003 - DeliveredToCarrier

The message was delivered to the carrier.

004 - Accepted

The carrier accepted the message.

005 - UndelivOrDeleted

The carrier attempted but failed to deliver the message. The destination device might be out of network coverage, switched off, or roaming out of the carrier's supported network.

008 - Expired

The message expired at the carrier.

023 - Rejected

The carrier rejected the message.

028 - SenderExceededCarrierThrottle

The message sender has exceeded the carrier's maximum rate.

029 - RecipientExceededCarrierThrottle

The message recipient has exceeded the carrier's maximum rate.

030 - SenderAndRecipentExceededCarrierThrottle

The message sender and recipient have exceeded the carrier's maximum rate.

032 - InvalidMessageFormatOrTextMsgContentSizeExceeded

The message is invalidly formatted or too large.

090 - BadAddress

The destination number is not a valid number, so the carrier rejected the message.

091 - InvalidRouting

The carrier has not approved or provisioned the sending number.

999 - CarrierErrorUnknown

The carrier failed to send the message for an unknown reason.