Esendex will send you an MMS Sent postback after we send one of your MMS messages to the aggregator for delivery.

Type Properties

Property NameDescriptionData TypeSample
MMSSentLook for this value to identify an MMS Sent postback. If present, the value is always 1.Int1
MessageIDThe initial MessageID from your outgoing MMS.String9a35e913-ded0-7574-4642-5f60c550c706
ReferenceIDThe ReferenceID from your outgoing request, if you specified one.String12345
FromPhoneNumberThe number that sent your outgoing message.String7575550000
ToPhoneNumberThe number you sent the message to.String7575449511
SentTimeThe UTC date when the message got sent out.String5%2f8%2f2023+2%3a42%3a36+AM

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