This response is returned by the SimpleSMSSendSimpleSMSSendWithPostbackAdvancedSMSSendGetMessageStatus, and GetMessageStatusByReferenceID methods.

Type Properties

Property NameDescriptionData TypeSample
CancelledWhether the SMS message has been cancelled.BooleanFalse
MessageIDUnique ID for every SMS message sent.Guid1627aea5-8e0a-4371-9022-9b504344e724
QueuedWhether the SMS message has been queued by the aggregator.BooleanTrue
ReferenceIDUnique ID that can be set using the AdvancedSMSSend method.String123
SMSErrorIndicates whether there was an error sending the SMS message.

0 – NoErrorThe request was successful.
1 – STOPfromPhoneNumber
2 – LicenseKeyInvalid
3 – PhoneNumberInvalid
4 – MessageInvalid
5 – ScheduledDateTimeIsNotUTC
6 – InvalidAssignedDID
7 – NotFoundThe message ID is invalid.
8 – InternalError9 – ContactEsendexAccountSuspended
10 – AssignedDIDRequired
Enum0 – NoError
SMSIncomingMessagesReturns null when part of a Send response.NullNull
SentWhether the SMS message has been sent to the carrier.BooleanFalse
SentDateTimeUTC date/time when the message was sent.DateTime/Date(928164000000-0400)/

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