This response is returned by the ReadIncomingMessages method.

Type Properties

Property NameDescriptionData TypeSample
AttachmentsMedia IDs for the message’s attachments.Array of Long values10000001,10000005
FromNumber used to send the message.String7575550000
IncomingMessageIDUnique ID of the incoming message.GUID1627aea5-8e0a-4371-9022-9b504344e724
OutgoingMessageIDUnique ID of the outgoing message.GUID1627aea5-8e0a-4371-9022-9b504344e724
PayloadIncoming message content.StringThank you for your message.
ReceivedDateUTC date/time when the incoming message was received.DateTime\/Date(1682439497785)\/
SubjectSubject of the incoming message.StringReply
ToRecipient number.String7575559999
UdhHeader that shows the number of concatenated messages in their correct order.Array of Byte values81,109,70,122,90,83,65,50,78,67,66,84,100

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