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SMS Sent postbacks are sent when Esendex sends a message to the aggregator for delivery.

Type Properties

Property Name Description Data Type Sample

This is posted when we send a message to the aggregator for delivery. A value of 1 indicates success. A value of 0 indicates failure: the aggregator was not able to accept the message. Failure is most likely because the destination phone number is a landline. In case of failure, Esendex will retry the message automatically for a total of three times. After three failures, Esendex will cancel the message. Note that some upstream paths do allow text messages to go to a landline.

Int 1

A unique identifier that matches the initial MessageID from your outgoing SMS.

String 9a35e913-ded0-7574-4642-5f60c550c706

This is populated if you set a reference ID in your outgoing request.

String 12345

This is the number that sent your outgoing message.

String 7575550000

This is the number you sent the SMS to.

String 7575449511

UTC date when the message got sent out. Usually within a few seconds of the current time.

String 5%2f8%2f2023+2%3a42%3a36+AM