Esendex will send you a Delivery Receipt postback whenever the status of a message changes.

Type Properties

Property NameDescriptionData TypeSample
DeliveryReceiptLook for this value to identify a Delivery Receipt postback. If present, the value is always 1.Int1
MessageIDThe initial MessageID from your outgoing MMS.Stringf880e00b-3a14-484c-80e7-ca6aa29a2f7a
ReferenceIDThe ReferenceID from your outgoing request, if you specified one.String
FromPhoneNumberThe number that sent your outgoing message.String55555
ToPhoneNumberThe number you sent the message to.String7572373369
DeliveryReceiptMessageThe delivery receipt. The format will vary depending on the carrier.Stringid:1111111111 sub:001 dlvrd:001 submit date:2306132307 done date:2306132307 stat:enroute err:000 text:short message
CodeThe status code of the delivery receipt.DeliveryReceiptCode003
BackupMessageIDThis is the new MessageID of a backup DID message being sent when a short code message fails. This parameter is only present when a short code message is being sent via a DID as a backup.String

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