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Use postbacks to know when your text messages were sent or received. The SMS Notify! API will automatically post information to a URL that you specify.

We recommend that you store the postback data in a database, so that you can refer to them later.

Set Up a Postback URL

To use postbacks you will need to set up and host your own URL or URLs to handle them. Use the following API methods.

  1. Specify a postback URL with the SetPostbackUrlForLicenseKey or SetPostbackUrlForPhoneNumber method.
  2. Enable/disable postbacks with the SetPostbackEnabledForLicenseKey or SetPostbackEnabledForPhoneNumber method.
  3. Specify a postback URL when sending a message with SendMessage.

Types of Postbacks

There are three types of postbacks.

  1. SMS Sent
  2. SMS Response
  3. Delivery Receipt