10DLC Overview and FAQ

The following is an update on 10DLC: Carrier fees will be applied to unregistered and registered traffic starting June.

Esendex will keep our customers updated as new information is provided.

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What is 10DLC?

10 Digit Long Code (10DLC) is the new standard for Application-to-Person (A2P) text messaging utilizing a traditional 10 digit phone number. Although similar to the existing long code, 10DLC is a reliable messaging channel with throughput levels suitable for SMS campaigns which is sanctioned by the mobile operators for A2P messaging. Certain mobile carriers are now adjusting the throughput caps they've historically enforced on local messaging for business senders, also known as A2P programs, while imposing new registration requirements and paying additional fees. The throughput limits will vary, but wanted messages in registered campaigns should receive better throughput than the traditional 1 message per second (MPS).

What is The Campaign Registry (TCR)?

TCR is a new element to the Long Code messaging universe. It's intended to be a third-party company chosen by T-Mobile and AT&T for registering A2P 10DLC messaging campaigns. Verizon does have plans to begin using this tool in the future as well. TCR is directed by a third-party company that operates with the mobile carriers that have chosen TCR to administer Brand registration on their part.

Why do we need to register 10DLC campaigns?

For many years, the industry has been tirelessly working towards discovering new methods to promote local numbers to pass A2P messaging traffic to mobile subscribers at high volumes. Following the acceptance by the CTIA in 2019 that stated local and toll-free numbers are confirmed methods for delivering A2P traffic, mobile carriers have been improving their 10DLC clarifications. As outlined above, AT&T and T-Mobile have chosen to demand enrollment and payment of extra fees as their requirements for boosting throughput caps for campaigns that should be given a higher messaging class. These carriers also require TCR to gain further information on A2P message senders and what kind of traffic is being sent to their mobile subscribers. TCR allows SMS messaging service providers to register 10DLC campaigns on behalf of the Brands they work with.

What do we need to register 10DLC campaigns?

  • Legal Business Name
  • Entity Type
  • EIN/Tax ID
  • Reliable contact information for business contacts
  • Details about your messaging traffic / campaigns including examples

Which Vertical should I choose?

Pick one that follows the bulk of your customer base. There might not be a linear fit but pick the most adjacent option.

How long will it take a campaign to be approved?

Based on our current knowledge, campaigns for standard use cases should be confirmed immediately. Specialty use cases will need extra vetting, and we are working to establish an accurate timeline with TCR.

What if I disagree with the messaging class I was assigned?

If you disagree with the class assigned to a campaign and you've listed all of your information correctly, you may inquire outside vetting from a third-party provider for a fee. Esendex doesn't assist or negotiate messaging class conflicts with TCR. There's a contingency of being assigned a lower class than given initially if you choose to dispute.

What happens if we decide not to register campaigns with TCR?

After October 1st, 2021, your messaging traffic will be subject to heavier carrier filtering, increased per-message carrier fees, and traffic suspension.

Should I register with Esendex or with TCR directly?

If you are a reseller and support many brands, we urge you to reach out to TCR directly to explore becoming a Campaign Service Provider with your own dedicated TCR account. You will have the choice to start registering Brands, and subsequently campaigns instantly through them.

Is this solely for SMS messages?

No, it's for both MMS and SMS messages.

Carrier Views


Brand Perspective

T-Mobile focuses on the brand rather than the campaign with a daily allowance for throughput allocated to the brand itself. If a brand has multiple campaigns under it, then the allowance is shared across all campaigns. They have a single flat rate when it comes to surcharges. Selecting a mixed campaign type does not negatively impact your throughput or price with T-Mobile.


Overall Approach

Verizon launched their 10DLC program in February 2020 without a pre-registration requirement for A2P senders. Verizon’s A2P program supports additional throughput to Verizon subscribers on all local phone numbers, but also includes increased per-message A2P fees that they've applied to Outbound SMS and MMS. There are no additional charges or requirements for registering brands or traffic.


Campaign Perspective

AT&T is focusing on the campaigns registered to each brand and building out throughput restrictions based on the type of campaign and use case. They have different surcharges based on the campaign class assigned. AT&T incentivizes by decreasing prices and potentially giving better throughput for declaring your use case (only using 1 use case per campaign).

Message Class Risk Level Use Case Campaign Type
A Low 2FA/authentication/customer care /operations /notifications, etc. Declared
B Low Mixed Mixed/ Marketing
C Medium 2FA/authentication/customer care /operations /notifications, etc. Declared
D Medium Mixed Mixed/ Marketing
E High 2FA/authentication/customer care /operations /notifications, etc. Declared
F High Mixed Mixed/ Marketing
T High Mixed Basic/ Default
G Special group messaging Special
P Special Charity Special
S Special Social engagement Special
Q Special Political messaging Special
X Special Emergency services Special
Z Special Large CSP free trial offers with strict controls Special
N Special Insurance agents, franchises, local branches Special

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