SMS for education

Increase the efficiency and effectiveness of school communications and alerts

From school closures to emergency notifications, quickly create and launch mobile messaging programs that successfully communicate with parents and staff. 

Esendex enables education systems to implement automated mobile messaging strategies that provide quick, timely communications regarding events or disruptions impacting students, parents, and/or staff.

Send emergency SMS notifications – fast.

Update the entire database or select groups of students, parents, or staff in emergency situations.

Tailor SMS updates to boost trust among parents and guardians.

Provide personalized messages and status updates for everything from attendance to progress reports.

Build and launch SMS-based surveys to collect feedback.

Collect feedback from students, parents, and staff to uncover areas of concern or improvement within your school or school system. 

Communicate quickly and efficiently.  

Uploading student, staff, and parent data is quick and seamless. You can leverage Esendex’s library of message templates – or create your own – so you can start sending SMS communications immediately. 

Partner with SMS experts.

Our team is experts in mobile messaging, so you don’t have to be. We’re here to ensure you get the most out of our SMS solution with expert support and consulting included at every step of the way.

Automate mobile messaging campaigns.  

Esendex removes friction from common processes. With powerful SMS automations, parents and other caregivers can self-serve for tasks like scheduling parent/teacher appointments or paying for school lunches – ultimately giving parents a better experience and removing administrative burdens from your staff.  

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Connect with students, parents, and staff on their preferred channels.  

Esendex enables your audiences to choose how, when and where they interact with you, allowing them to move from static, one-way transactions to dynamic, two-way conversations.

Succeed with expert support and services.  

Esendex is committed to building the most sophisticated SMS solutions and offering robust services that create immediate value for your organization. We offer unparalleled support to help you get the most out of your investment, so you can focus on what you do best – educating the next generation.

Customer success stories

Discover how Esendex’ financial customers solved their customer communication challenges with our mobile messaging platform:
Somerset County Council builds robust messaging backup system

Discover how Somerset County Council integrated Esendex into their existing Management Information System (MIS) to create an offsite backup system that enables emergency message sending should their MIS ever fail.

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