SMS for Government

Enhance the citizen experience with efficient mobile-first, interactive communications.

Deliver effective mobile messages to provide citizens with the same fast, easy, digital interactions they expect in consumer experiences.

Esendex empowers government agencies to deploy automated mobile messaging programs, reducing costs and simplifying tasks such as application updates and tax payment reminders.

Reduce administrative burden

Create and launch mobile automations that save time and streamline operations. 

Simplify payment processing

Provide citizens with simple, mobile-first, payment tools to increase on-time payments for taxes and other government fees.

Provide timely incident updates

Inform citizens promptly about major events, including safety emergencies, weather alerts, road closures, and more.

Integrate mobile messaging with your existing tech stack

Connect Esendex to your existing technology systems with just a few clicks and without relying on IT resources. Use citizen data to inform decisions, create personalized campaigns, and offer support tailored to individual citizens.

Maximize mobile messaging effectiveness with expert support and customizable journeys

Our team is experts in mobile messaging, so you don’t have to be. Rely on our team of mobile messaging experts to maximize the efficacy of our SMS solution. From campaign design to execution, our team provides dedicated support and consultancy services to help you solve challenges, strengthen citizen connections, and elevate ROI.

Boost application completion rates with SMS reminders

Guide citizens through lengthy application processes and enable them to resume where they left off on their preferred channel, increasing citizen engagement – and application completion rates.

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Ensure compliance and security

Esendex’s mobile messaging solutions adhere to government regulations and security standards, providing peace of mind for agencies and citizens alike.

Improve accessibility and inclusivity.

With SMS reminders and updates, government agencies can ensure that critical information reaches all citizens, including those with limited internet access or disabilities.

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