SMS for Utilities

Increase customer engagement and deliver value with powerful mobile messaging. 

Smart grids, smart homes, and other “smart” technologies are redefining the utilities landscape, underscoring the critical role of digital-first, mobile messaging campaigns in optimizing the customer experience.

Esendex empowers utility providers to foster customer trust, reduce churn, and improve their return on investment.

Simplify payment collection

Implement transactional messaging campaigns that encourage on-time payments while reducing call volume and direct mail costs.

Minimize missed appointments

Send SMS alerts to remind customers of upcoming service appointments, reducing no-show rates.

Alert customers of service outages

Notify customers in real time about service outages and expected downtime, cutting down on call center volume.

Integrate mobile messaging with your existing tech stack

Connect Esendex to your existing technology systems like Salesforce with just a few clicks and without relying on IT. Use customer data to inform business decisions, create personalized cross-channel campaigns, and offer support tailored to individual customers. 

Improve mobile messaging results with expert support and customizable journeys

Our team is experts in mobile messaging, so you don’t have to be. Rely on our team of mobile messaging experts to maximize the efficacy of our SMS solution. From campaign design to execution, our team provides dedicated support and consultancy services to help you solve challenges, strengthen customer connections, and elevate ROI.

Automate mobile messaging campaigns 

Provide your customers with a seamless brand experience and improve customer support efficiency with powerful SMS automations. Esendex empowers utilities providers to deliver personalized, swift, and frictionless digital interactions, fostering lasting customer satisfaction.

Connect with customers on their preferred channels 

Allow customers to choose how, when, and where they interact with your brand to move from static, one-way interactions to dynamic, two-way conversations.

Let’s start sending, together.