Customer satisfaction management

Track and improve satisfaction scores using your customer’s preferred channels

Improve your support and customer satisfaction scores and drive loyal, repeat business with the power of mobile messaging; use SMS, RCS or WhatsApp.

Trusted by leading businesses to measure and enhance their customer satisfaction

Boost customer satisfaction levels with powerful mobile messaging strategies

To continue growing your business and revenue in today’s market, customer satisfaction needs to be a firm focus. However, meeting the ever-growing expectations of your customer base is no small feat. Esendex gives businesses the tools they need to review their customer satisfaction levels, identify key areas of improvement, and launch automated strategies to help you meet and exceed customer expectations.

Improve your customer satisfaction with a team that understands your industry

With over 20 years of experience across property, finance, utilities, healthcare, retail and more, we understand the challenges customer satisfaction can present to your business. Our expert team is equipped and ready with mobile messaging solutions to help you overcome them.

Connect quickly with fast legacy system integration

Give your teams easy access to the data they need to improve customer satisfaction. With quick and easy legacy system integration, our API can feed survey results directly into your CRM system, meaning you spend less time on setup and more time on serving customers.

Save endless hours with automated feedback requests

Eliminate the costs of manual customer outreach with automated review requests that gather valuable customer feedback on autopilot. Within minutes, you can create and launch campaigns that gather invaluable insights into where to focus your customer satisfaction efforts.

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Discover how mobile messaging can boost your customer satisfaction.

Achieve a 46%+ completion rate with fully customisable surveys

Beat the market average 12.6% completion rate with infinitely customizable, engaging surveys. Personalize forms with recipient details, and create branched surveys with specific questions based on previous answers.

Scale mobile messaging beyond customer satisfaction

Our service doesn’t end at integration. We want you to reap the most possible benefit from mobile messaging, which is why our team is on-hand to help you grow. From launching new campaigns to expanding automations that streamline communications in other areas of your business, we’re here and ready to help.

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