SMS for Real Estate

Streamline and optimize communications from property management to residents and homeowners. 

Deliver seamless mobile messages tailored to resident and homeowner needs while boosting operational effectiveness and driving financial success.

Esendex empowers property managers to rapidly deploy mobile messaging programs that communicate to residents and homeowners quickly and effectively.

Boost resident or homeowner engagement

Send important property alerts, appointment notifications, and critical updates through powerful SMS programs.

Minimize missed appointments

Send SMS alerts to remind residents of upcoming maintenance appointments, reducing no-show rates by up to 30%.

Simplify payment collection

Provide residents with simple, mobile-first, payment tools to increase on-time payments.

Reduce campaign launch lead times

Easily upload resident and homeowner data to quickly create personalized messages that can be automated and delivered at scale. Choose from Esendex’s well-stocked template library or build your own.

Maximize mobile messaging effectiveness with expert support and customizable journeys

Our team is experts in mobile messaging, so you don’t have to be. Rely on our team of mobile messaging experts to maximize the efficacy of our SMS solution. From campaign design to execution, our team provides dedicated support and consultancy services to help you solve challenges, strengthen customer connections, and elevate ROI.

Empower residents and homeowners to self-serve

Whether it’s rescheduling a maintenance appointment or paying homeowners dues, Esendex empowers property managers to deliver digital-first customer conversations.

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Engage residents and homeowners through their preferred channels 

Allow residents and homeowners to choose how, when, and where they interact with you to move from static, one-way interactions to dynamic, two-way conversations. 

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