SMS for Leisure and Entertainment

Enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of leisure and entertainment venue communications and alerts.

Deliver effective mobile messaging campaigns that drive attendance, promote special events, and alert guests about exclusive offers.

Esendex empowers movie theaters, gyms, golf courses, and more to implement SMS campaigns that drive attendance, promote special events, and alert customers about special offers.

Simplify reservations and ticket purchases

Offer customers simple, mobile-friendly reservation and booking tools to enhance their experience and increase brand loyalty.

Gather feedback and reviews

Send SMS surveys after events or experiences to gather insights from guests, helping to improve future offerings and enhance overall customer satisfaction.

Provide exclusive offers

Send SMS alerts to inform loyal customers about exclusive promotions and perks, encouraging them to visit and participate in events.

Integrate mobile messaging with your existing systems

Connect Esendex to your business’ existing technology stack effortlessly, leveraging customer data for personalized campaigns and tailored support.

Maximize mobile messaging effectiveness with expert support and customizable journeys

Our team is experts in mobile messaging, so you don’t have to be. Rely on our team of mobile messaging experts to maximize the efficacy of our SMS solution. From campaign design to execution, our team provides dedicated support and consultancy services to help you solve challenges, strengthen citizen connections, and elevate ROI.

Foster customer loyalty

Use SMS campaigns to offer exclusive discounts, loyalty rewards, and other perks to repeat customers, encouraging repeat visits and enhancing brand loyalty.

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Offer personalized recommendations

Leverage mobile messaging to provide personalized recommendations or updates based on customers’ preferences and past interactions, creating a tailored and memorable experience.

Facilitate special event management

Send SMS reminders and updates about upcoming movie screenings, fitness classes, tee times, and special events, ensuring maximum attendance and engagement from guests.

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