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Free SIP Trunks – find out what they are and how they might work for you and your business…

If you’re looking for internet-enabled, high-quality voice and multimedia capability, or want to move from traditional telephony systems to a cloud-based alternative, read on to find out more about SIP calling, free SIP trunks, and more…

What is a Free SIP trunk?

Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) trunking is a digital way of making and receiving phone calls and sending other communications, via an internet connection. The term trunk refers to the virtual phone lines used to make calls or carry multimedia communication including video, voice, SMS, and media transfer.

Having a free SIP trunk to leverage cloud communications could help you reduce costs but only if SIP calling meets your organization’s communication needs first. 

Channels and calls

The number of SIP channels you need will depend on a number of things, but call volume is key, as is the number of concurrent calls you’re making or receiving.

Call centers, or other organizations that typically experience high call volumes, will therefore need more channels, more trunks, and a greater internet bandwidth than a small business might.

The benefits of free SIP trunking

SIP trunking allows businesses to seamlessly connect to anywhere in the world at speed. It also offers the following benefits:


With SIP, you can easily add additional channels to your trunk as your business needs change, so there’s no waiting around to ramp up, as the process is almost instantaneous. You can also introduce new channels and remove ones not in use, and there’s no need for a system upgrade, as there are with traditional landlines.


Every business needs to be as productive as possible and if you’re managing call volumes you want the most reliable system possible. SIP streamlines operations by combining telephone and internet connectivity, so you can focus on other priorities.


In addition to the free availability of a SIP trunk, you’ll pay a service fee which you can expect to be lower than traditional landline bills.


There are a variety of useful add-ons available for SIP. For example, you could find location-based identification and caller ID useful or opt for voice-to-email software.

Want to reduce the complexity of your business communication?

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