What is A2P 10DLC and is it right for my business?

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A2P 10DLC can be a game-changer for organizations looking to improve their business messaging…

A2P 10DLC, short for Application-to-Person 10-digit long code, is a messaging standard that allows businesses to send SMS and MMS messages to customers using standard phone numbers. A2P 10DLC can also be referred to as a 10-digit long code, or as a 10-digit local number.

10DLC is stable, promises delivery reliability, and provides additional security for businesses and their customers. They also support a healthy volume of messaging – though not as high as the hundreds of transactions per second (TPS) that short codes offer.

10DLCs need to be registered and must comply with US messaging guidelines.

10DLC compliance

The major carriers in the United States introduced 10DLC compliance to improve the quality of the messaging ecosystem and to increase security, reduce spam, and improve deliverability rates.

In practice, this means that any business sending 10DLC traffic needs to register both their organization and each campaign, with The Campaign Registry (TCR). The TCR completes a Brand Identity Check for each campaign and will only allow Verified campaigns to be delivered.

This reduces the likelihood of bad actors sending spam or fraudulent messages via 10DLC. By using a dedicated 10-digit number, brands can increase customers’ trust in their messaging as they are taking steps to mitigate fraud and spam traffic.

10 DLC message trustworthiness

To comply with A2P 10DLC regulations under the TCPA and CASL, you need to ensure that your messages are sent to people who have explicitly opted in. And as with any business messaging, there are campaign areas that are strictly off-limits. These include high-risk financial services, deceptive practices, and content related to illegal substances and activities.

An example of a low-risk SMS use case would be one that uses 10DLC to send an SMS-OTP or one-time password. That’s because consumers have triggered this message and need to respond to it to proceed with their next action. Promotional marketing use cases are not as straightforward because there is a potential for these to be sent to consumers who haven’t opted in.

The trustworthiness score your organization receives can dictate the volume and throughput of messages each carrier allows you to send, so it’s important to get your text content right.

If your campaigns adhere to the rules and do not resemble spam, and your customers want to receive your messages and have opted in correctly, there’s little to be concerned about. Your provider will also be able to provide advice and best practices to ensure you tip the trustworthiness scales in your own favour.

1.        Customer service and support

A 10DLC number can support real-time customer service interactions, allowing you to resolve questions efficiently via SMS.

2.        Appointment reminders and confirmations

Send timely appointment reminders and confirmations to reduce no-shows and ensure your business operates smoothly.

3.        Marketing and promotion

Use your 10DLC number for targeted marketing campaigns and promotional messages to engage customers and drive sales.

4.        Event notifications and updates

You can easily inform participants about details, changes, and need-to-know information by sending event notifications and updates.

5.        Order alerts and shipping status

Send updates on order progress and shipping details to improve post-purchase satisfaction.

6.        Surveys and requests for reviews

Encourage customers to leave feedback or complete quick SMS surveys to grow your business reputation and online presence.

Will 10DLC be right for my business?

Lots of businesses can benefit from purchasing and registering A2P 10DLC numbers including:

Small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) where cost-efficiency is key. 10DLC numbers provide an affordable alternative compared to traditional short codes.

Organizations who want to improve their regional engagement as local numbers can significantly boost customer engagement.

Businesses looking for increased compliance assurance as 10DLC numbers comply with all current regulatory and carrier requirements.

More questions about 10DLC? 

Watch our on-demand webinar where we discuss all things 10DLC.

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