What is an automated voice message and how can they be used?

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An automated voice message is a pre-recorded message that businesses can send and receive. Learn all about the ways you can use them here.

An automated voice message – or automated voice messaging system – is a great way to quickly and easily reach large numbers of people without placing strain on your call center agents. Wondering what automated voice messages are and how you can use them within your organization? 

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What is an automated voice message?

Automated voice messaging is a service that allows you to send and receive pre-recorded messages. With an automated voice message, there’s no need to call up each contact individually – you only need to deliver these messages to a list of contacts. These recipients can interact with your message via verbal or keypad commands.

4 ways automated voice messages can be used

Automated voice messages are ideal if you need to:

  • Reach a large audience – fast
  • Gather feedback
  • Generate leads

Here are four top ways they can be used to your advantage.

1. Engage with customers and prospects

It’s important to build relationships with prospects as part of your lead nurturing strategy. This is where automated voice messaging can really shine. 

Unlike other traditional communication channels – for example, email – where you can get away with reaching out to the lead on a daily basis, voice messaging is much more personal. Depending on the type of message and your audience’s preferences, you should get in touch no more than once a week. 

2. Push people towards a call to action

An automated voice message can help convince a lead to take action. You can remind them of upcoming events/appointments, offer exclusive deals, make a product announcement or inform them of any general updates, for example. 

Here are some ways to boost conversion rate:

  • Tailor messages to specific groups of customers. E.g. if a particular demographic is showing interest in a certain product, then create a campaign around that product and let those customers know. Or, send industry-specific content and offers to customers in a certain sector.
  • Ensure your message is always relevant and offers value to your customers. When a message resonates with a customer, they’re more likely to spring into action.

3. Offer a round-the-clock touchpoint

The beauty of automation is the ability to have it running 24/7 – without needing a human agent. If customers need to contact you outside of business hours, an automated voice message can greet them and offer instructions to help them solve the issue themselves.

  • Greet the customer and let them know that the business is currently closed between specific hours.
  • Point them in the direction of your knowledge base where they can attempt to find an answer to their question or issue.
  • If they still require assistance, inform them of your opening hours and that someone can help them then. You can even ask them for their contact information and a customer support agent can proactively reach out.

This gives customers an opportunity to self serve – finding answers and solutions to their questions and problems on their own – and still feel as though they’re interacting with a business.

4. Keep employees informed

In addition to customers and prospects, an automated voice messaging system can also help you keep employees informed. From health and safety procedure updates to employee satisfaction surveys and critical alerts, an automated voice message can allow you to quickly update the entire company and easily track engagement metrics (e.g. open rate).

Applying automated voice messages to real-life industries

Most businesses can benefit from incorporating automated voice messages into their communication strategy. Here are some examples:

  • Retail – sales, product launches, promotional offers, changes to opening hours.
  • Healthcare – appointment management, health alerts, opening hours.
  • Finance – check balance, digital banking, complete transactions.
  • Hospitality – offers, events, changes to opening hours.

Ready to unlock the power of automated voice messaging?

An automated voice message is an excellent way to reach large groups of people quickly and apart from the setup, it doesn’t require human intervention. So, it’s perfect for allowing customers to self serve. 

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