Niche SMS reseller Noc Solutions supports mid-tier ecommerce with SMS via API 

Supporting marketing campaigns across lead generation and transactional messaging to increase click-through and conversion rates


Responsive and proactive client service

Send volume and scalability

Support in a fast-changing regulatory environment


As a value-add SMS reseller, to cost-effectively supply fast and scalable SMS to US-based retailers and other sizeable ecommerce customers.


SMS via Esendex API


Las Vegas, NV




Noc Solutions LLC, a value-add SMS reseller, prides itself on being one of the first companies in America to offer integrated mobile messaging solutions to internet based marketers. 

Established in 2011, Noc Solutions has seen demand for its SMS services increase significantly since 2022, thanks to improvements of its intuitive platform and an increase in ecommerce volume since the Covid-19 lockdowns. 

Noc Solutions partnered with Esendex in 2017, identifying us as a trusted SMS provider with strong account management and service expertise.

Esendex, with its SMS send speeds and prices, supports our business and our end customers extremely well.  We continue to be impressed by their timely and responsive service commitment, and we’ve had no technical issues to date. Communication with their account management team is simply excellent.”

Robert Lee, Owner/Founder | Noc Solutions LLC

Challenge & Key Obstacles

Timing, cost, dependability and scalability are critical in the SMS reseller space. The Esendex API provides Noc Solutions’ customers with the level of assurance they need to deliver fast and cost-effective marketing campaigns on both an ad-hoc and ongoing basis.

The Esendex API is not only secure and scalable but allows us to offer competitive SMS delivery rates to our ecommerce customers and that’s key to our continuing growth in such a fast-moving and transactional market.

Robert Lee, Owner/Founder | Noc Solutions LLC

The features that changed the game
Economical send rates and scalability
Technical and service reliability
Results & Improvements

NOC Solutions has to be agile enough to respond at speed to customer behavior trends in the market and to the regulatory environment as it changes. Partnering with the right SMS provider where service, uptime, and technical reliability is assured, has proven to be an invaluable link in its value-add SMS reseller chain.

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