Vaspian scales its operation with market-leading MMS and SMS

Leading reseller sees consistent year-over-year growth with its expanding portfolio of Esendex-backed solutions


Consistent YoY client growth

Improved onboarding process, now taking days instead of weeks

Compliance, integration, and security assurance


To scale its business in the SMS reseller space, and to reduce the internal man hours involved in managing regulatory, security, and deliverability issues.




Buffalo, NY



Vaspian is a provider of customized business communication solutions. Established in 2004, the organization provides business phone system, call center, SMS marketing, and voice dialer solutions to large and small enterprises.

“Esendex has been an invaluable partner to us. With a robust platform, high deliverability rates, compliance expertise and reliable support, the Esendex team has been key to our competitiveness in an increasingly complex space.”

Greg Schreiber, CEO | Vaspian

Challenge & Key Obstacles

Vaspian offers a range of business communication services including business phone systems, call center solutions, business messaging, speech analytics, MS Teams integration, voicemail transcription, and more.

Vaspian chose Esendex as its partner to support them with the increasing complexity in the regulatory, deliverability, and routing space and to provide customer-focused messaging solutions enabling 24/7 support in the finance, hospitality, medical, collections, legal, government, real estate, and hospitality sectors.

In our business, we need to provide our customers with smart solutions that deliver – so working with a provider that we can trust is key to their success – and to our ongoing business growth.

Greg Schreiber, CEO | Vaspian

The features that changed the game
Robust, all-in-one platform
Industry-leading deliverability rates
Support and compliance expertise
Scalability of solutions
Results & Improvements

The company has seen consistent year-over-year growth since partnering with Esendex. It has successfully grown its product portfolio to remain front of mind for its customers who experience a faster onboarding time and an improved platform and service than previously provided. 

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