SMS Automations

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Engage on autopilot or trigger more complex response-led SMS automations

SMS automations process diagram.

Simplify outbound SMS with a rule-based system that’s fast, efficient, and customized to suit your user journey.

Easily set-up automated SMS appointment reminders and confirmations, alerts, and notifications to keep your customers or staff informed, or to drive revenue in the background to supplement campaign activity.

Working with our team of customer support experts, you can create bespoke communication workflows and auto-replies using both simple and complex rule-based triggers.

Multiple reply templates

Create a range of message templates to deliver business communications in a convenient and efficient manner.

Cross channel communications

Combine SMS, MMS, and Voice to launch communication strategies which improve engagement and enhance customer experience.

Message triggers

Create workflows to send communications based on customer actions which include ‘new prospect’, ‘no purchases in >2 months’, specific keywords, or even times of day.

Detailed reporting

Identify where communications can be improved, with detailed reporting delivered via your preferred format. Optimize campaigns and implement iterative changes to improve performance.

Popular use cases

Optimize business operations

Streamline your business operations with appointment reminders/confirmations that reduce missed appointments.

Send payment reminders that provide recipients with an easy and secure way of arranging payment via mobile.

Share order and delivery updates that notify customers of account status and transactions in real-time.

Enhance customer communications

Our SMS automations take the heavy lifting out of customer communications.

Send customer surveys based on triggers such as order or support call completion.

Build automated workflows to send customized customer messages about everything from product launches to event information or customer service notifications.

Marketing and sales

Enable 1:1 personalization and increase engagement by creating contact lists based on keywords or actions – ensuring relevant messages are delivered at the right time.

Increase engagement and conversions through tailored promotions, product launches, and cross-channel campaigns based on date, time, or action-based responses.

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