MMS Messaging API

MMS messages allow you to exchange images, video, gifs, audio, and more. It offers all the same great SMS features you know and love but is a more engaging and conversational way of doing business.

What is an MMS API?

An MMS API is a set of programming instructions that allow software, websites, CRMs, and applications to interact with MMS-compliant messaging servers to send and receive picture messages, GIFs, audio, video, and more.

Developers can build visual messaging features into their applications using an MMS API. This can be useful for businesses that want to send marketing messages to their customers or for anyone who wants to communicate with others via text message in a more creative way.

MMS is Great For:

Business and Contact Cards

Deals and Promotions

Ticket and Booking Confirmation

Important Documents and Files

Mobile Coupons and QR Codes


How long does it take to get MMS-enabled messages?

Almost no time at all! Simply tell your Esendex account manager that you want to enable the MMS features, and they’ll notify you when it’s ready.

Are MMS messages expensive to enable?

Not at all! When you enable the MMS feature, a small fee is added onto your regular pricing for SMS messages.

Can I send emojis using your MMS API?

Yes. Our MMS API is capable of sending mass MMS messages that also contain emojis in the text content.

Let’s start sending, together.