Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Let your customers navigate quickly to their required department or service with an interactive voice and touch-tone menu.

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Because customers hate waiting

IVR systems are a great way to automate interactions, to quickly and intelligently route customer calls to the right team. Customers are presented with a series of automated options to select from by using their landline or mobile keypad.

Interactive voice response provides round-the-clock support and can be used for applications as simple as call-routing and data capture, all the way through to payment collections and surveys.

Elevate service

Improve overall customer experience by using CRM data and customer details to authenticate identity, personalize, and add call context.

Manage call flow

Establish the stage of each customer call, analyze individual stages via reports, and feed status directly into your CRM system.

Data capture

Capture and store customer information during a call, so you can add to and update your CRM platform.

System integration

Reduce overall time to value by building our Interactive Voice Response (IVR) into your existing telephone system or deploy a standalone system.

Interactive Voice Response use cases

Improve collection convenience

Esendex allows businesses to send outstanding balance notifications to customers (using Esendex SMS or outbound voice) along with links to your IVR to process payment.

Esendex’s IVR can be seamlessly integrated with your existing payment platform to process payments quickly and securely.

Simplify appointment rescheduling

Simple text-based SMS makes managing appointments and deliveries a breeze. But when it comes to mobile marketing, more is definitely best. 

Engage with your customers in their preferred method – whether that’s via text message, voice message, or IVR. With Esendex’s solution, your customers can self-serve their own appointment scheduling and rescheduling, saving you time and money on no-shows.

Enable quick and easy data capture

No one likes having to fill out their contact information multiple times, but with house moves, insurance changes, and payment method swaps, customers can often forget to update their current contact information.

Esendex’s IVR allows you to quickly and easily capture your customers’ data, so you can confirm or update their information in your CRM.

Build and deploy effective satisfaction surveys

Build customer satisfaction surveys that allow you to gather valuable product and service insights to make smarter business decisions.

Surveys can be initiated from within our non-intrusive, self-serve interactive voice response environment when customers dial in, or by transferring them to your IVR line at the end of a call.

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What is an IVR phone system?

An Interactive voice response (IVR phone system) allows callers to interact with a telephony system by pressing numbers that transmit DTMF tones. They also say words and execute responses based on what numbers you press. Overall, IVR systems are common phone menus we use every day.

How long does it take to implement IVR phone system?

With Esendex’s phone verification API, it’s as simple as registering for the product, speaking with one of our helpful representatives, and receiving your license key to connect.

How much do IVR phone systems cost?

See our voice API’s pricing page for pricing information.

How do you set up your IVR phone system?

You can set up the IVR phone system by different programming numbers on an incoming callers dial pad with a specific function. This function could be routing a caller to a department or person.

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