Voice Broadcasting

Give your campaign a voice with pre-recorded outbound messages, sending to many or few.

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Make more impact with personalized messages

Voice broadcasts are a great way of connecting with customers by targeting either mobile devices or landlines. Customers receive a call (initiated by you) and either listen to a message or are prompted to complete an action with their telephone keypads.

Our intelligent Voice Broadcasting can be used for simple promotional messages and alerts. Interactive menus can invite customers to participate in surveys while payments can be processed by linking to our Esendex IVR and your existing payment solution.

Rapid ROI

Reduce your reliance on agents making manual calls, analyze call performance with intelligent reports, and link voice broadcasts to an Esendex IVR to enhance collection rates.

Consistent communications

Control your messages and  ensure that your brand’s voice is consistent, both on- and offline. Our voice broadcasts can be tailored in exactly the way you need – even leveraging text-to-speech for on-brand mass sends.

Better engagement

Target your customer’s landlines and mobile devices to improve the chance of connecting, and identify when the call goes to voicemail. Record security questions to confirm you have the correct call recipient.

System integration

Esendex Voice Broadcasting can be deployed to work in synergy with your existing CRM systems, improving both your implementation time and your time to value.

Automate appointment reminders

By linking with your existing CRM system, we can send automated voice broadcasts to your customers with details of their appointment. This means fewer missed appointments and more revenue generated for you.

Improve satisfaction surveys

Gain more insight into how your product or service is performing when you make a voice broadcast call to your customers. By using their telephone keypads, customers can provide feedback in a quick and convenient way. We can then provide you with intelligent reports, allowing you to make smarter business decisions.

Streamline delivery confirmations

By using your CRM data, we can automate your voice broadcasts to let your customers know when a delivery is on its way and when it has arrived. Customers will be better informed and by receiving advanced notification, can ensure that someone is available to accept deliveries when required.

Quickly and easily capture customer data

Relieve call center pressure by building a call flow to efficiently capture customer data. Our voice broadcast system provides a secure, convenient way for customers to provide personal information at any time of the day without the need to speak to an agent. Our call flows then feed that data back into your existing CRM system.

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