This response is returned by the GetPostbackSettingsForLicenseKey and GetPostbackSettingsForPhoneNumber methods.

Type Properties

Property NameDescriptionData TypeSample
CountryOrigin country for number.StringUS
PhoneNumberNumber being checked for postback URL settings.String7575550000
PostbackEnabledIndicates whether the postback URL is enabled on the number.BooleanTrue
PostbackTypeIndicates whether the postback URL is used for incoming messages, outgoing messages, or delivery receipts.

0 – AllPostback URL is used for all messages.
1 – DeliveryReceiptPostback URL is used for delivery receipts.
2 – IncomingMessagePostback URL is used for incoming messages.
3 – OutgoingMessagePostback URL is used for outgoing messages.
Enum0 – All
PostbackUrlThe URL being used for postbacks.String
ReturnCodeIndicates whether an error occurred due to the data in the request.

0 – NoErrorThe request was successful.
1 – InvalidLicenseKey
2 – InvalidUrl
3 – InvalidPhoneNumber
4 – InvalidPostbackType
5 – NotFound6 – InvalidCountry
Enum0 – NoError

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