This type is part of the data returned by the GetUnreadIncomingMessages method.

Type Properties

Property NameDescriptionData TypeSample
FromPhoneNumberPhone number that sent the incoming message.String7575550000
IncomingMessageIDUnique ID for the incoming message.Guid1835fecd-8402-4b02-91a4-5f4f9e036fe6
MatchedMessageIDUnique ID that matches the outgoing MessageID that this message is in response to.Guid1627aea5-8e0a-4371-9022-9b504344e724
MessageContent of the incoming message.StringHi, thanks for the message.
ResponseReceiveDateUTC date/time when the message was received.DateTime\/Date(1682439497785)\/
ToPhoneNumberDestination phone number of the incoming message.String7575551111

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